xDeFi Crypto Airdrop Campaign – Get Up To 10,000 XDEX Tokens Free

xDeFi Crypto Airdrop Campaign - Get Up To 10,000 XDEX Tokens Free

xDeFi is launching a Crypto Airdrop campaign to community. Join the Airdrop program and complete the tasks, You will have a chance to get up to 10,000 XDEX Tokens free. 

xDeFi Crypto Airdrop XDEX Tokens – Tutorial As Below

Go to the xDeFi Airdrop page: https://wn.nr/qN3QNq

Sign up with Your name and email then connect Twitter or Facebook account

Complete the social tasks and invite people to join Airdrop program to earn more XDEX Tokens

The top 5,000 participants will get 30 XDEX each and the top three participants will get up to 10,000 XDEX Tokens free.

Submit Your ERC20 wallet address (ETH wallet) to receive XDEX Tokens after Airdrop program ends.

About xDeFi

xDeFi is a stack of decentralized finance protocols. They believe that a fully developed DeFi ecosystem should start from well-established infrastructures. xDeFi ecosystem includes xDEX as one of optimized AMM DEXes, xHalfLife as a money stream protocol, xSTA as a stable coin minted from crypto assets, xBadge as a incentivating approoach based on social consensus, and any other DeFi building blocks which are essential for a well-ordered market.

Join More Crypto Airdrop Campaigns

If You want to earn more money free with Crypto Airdrop campaigns, You can go to our list of Best Crypto Airdrop And Bounty programs to find out more and don’t forget:

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