Wadz Airdrop WTK Token – Win $100 Of WTK Tokens Free

Wadz Airdrop WTK Token - Win $100 Of WTK Tokens Free

Join The Wadz Airdrop WTK Token Campaign And Complete The Social Tasks. You Will Have A Chance To Win $100 Of WTK Tokens Free. 

Wadz Airdrop WTK Token – Tutorial As Below

Step 1: Register Wadz Airdrop

Register Wadz Airdrop with Your email address at: https://gleam.io/SdUS2/win-1000-in-wadz-token-giveaway

Enter Your full name, email address and click on ‘Continue’

Check Your email to verify

Step 2: Do Tasks

Login Your Airdrop account. Do tasks to earn more WTK Tokens free

About Wadz (WTK) 

Wadz was initially conceptualized as a Blockchain-anchored payments platform that is aimed at solving merchant pain points when utilizing conventional payment processors, and providing merchants with access to accepting digital payments. The concept of Wadz has since evolved based on the current state of the Blockchain and payments ecosystem, where further research has found that the surrounding targeted segments can be further boosted if various underlying issues were solved.

Wadz has since further expanded on our core initiatives to the realms of data ownership, emerging markets and financial inclusion. Based on the team’s wealth of experience, the team is confident in making the following vision a reality:

  • To enable all merchants with access to accepting digital payments
  • Provide the unbanked with access to previously unattainable services
  • To ease the usage of Blockchain products, even by people who have no knowledge of Blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies
  • To monetize personal data anonymously as well as allow merchants to purchase affordable and reliable data
  • To build a cohesive and positive contribution-based ecosystem
  • To create a payments platform where different solutions can communicate and collaborate with each other through sharing of valuable data across the ecosystem

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