Vtrust Crypto Airdrop Tutorial – Earn 750 VTR Tokens

Vtrust Crypto Airdrop Tutorial - Earn 750 VTR Tokens

Vtrust Crypto Airdrop Tutorial – Earn 750 VTR Tokens

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Vtrust Crypto Airdrop Tutorial, As Below

– Chat with Telegram Bot and follow instruction:         http://t.me/VTrust_Airdrop_Bot

+ Tap on ‘Start’: Pass Human

+ Join Telegram group and channel. Then tap on ‘Refresh’

+ Follow Twitter and send to Bot Your Twitter username

+ Like Facebook page and send to Bot Your Facobook profile link

+ Subscribe Youtube channel and send to Bot Your Youtube username

+ Join Telegram group and channel (Optional):       Telegram Channel    &    Telegram Chat

– Referral Rewards: Earn extra 125 VTR Tokens per referral

About Vtrust

This is a multi-cryptocurrency reserve with the core purpose to provide market liquidity and reduced volatility of the V-Trust coin. The community reserve pools the knowledge of experienced business analysts, blockchain experts and experienced traders.

The reserves will be grown both through market making of V-Trust and diligent diversification between other propitious cryptocurrencies.
To grow the reserves through diversification in promising ICOs and undervalued cryptocurrencies, following the appropriate research and proper due diligence.

To provide V-Trust with additional market liquidity. This makes it more resilient to volatility pressures than other altcoins.

To counteract inflation by burning the excess V-Trust held in the community reserves. This reduces the total circulating supply of V-Trust enabling continued for token holder to receive reward.

* For more information, click at:     https://v-trust.io

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