VAS Airdrop Token – Receive 70 VAS Tokens Free

VAS Token Airdrop - Receive 70 VAS Tokens Free

Join The VAS Token Airdrop Program And Complete The Simple Tasks To Receive 70 VAS Tokens Free. 

VAS BLOCK is a Value Asset Depository Service Chain. First of all, if it is to support the trust service of digital materials and real assets of all value and to place the real estate on the mainnet, it should establish a consensus through the supernode or proxy node, and jointly conduct an audit, monitoring and due diligence on the actual assets. Asset Trust and Block Chain Management will work together.

Vas Token Airdrop – Tutorial As Below 

Step 1: Chat With VAS Token Airdrop Telegram Bot:

Click on ‘Start’ >>> ‘Continue’: Pass Human and do tasks

Join Group and channel     & then press on ‘Done’

 Follow VAS on Twitter

Next: Send Your VAS wallet address to this form  ( Download Vas Block Wallet to get your personal vas wallet address Click here to download )

Next : Verify your Sub mission in this form Click here to fillup the form


Optional to all users who want to refer they friends )  ~ 20 VBlock Token Every Successful Referral

Optional Follow us on twitter and optional retweet the pinned post

10,000 Vblock token will be divided to all users who made to retweet *please don’t forget to comment your Vblock wallet*

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