Tokrex Exchange Airdrop Tutorial – Earn 20 TOX Coins Free – Worth $7.6

Tokrex Exchange Airdrop Tutorial - Earn 20 TOX Coins - Worth $7.6

Tokrex Exchange Airdrop Tutorial – Earn 20 TOX Coins Free – Worth $7.6

Airdrop & Bounty Tutorial For Newbie, Click Here

Tokrex Exchange Airdrop Tutorial, As Below

– Register Tokrex Exchange Airdrop At HERE

+ Login with Your Google/Facebook account

+ Check balance: You have been got 20 TOX Coins ~ $7.6

– Referral Rewards: Earn 50 TOX Coins ~ $19 per each referral

About Tokrex Exchange

Tokrex is the world’s first decentralized and fully cryptographically real-time trading platform.

Trade your crypto coins and fiat money in less than a second – without a crypto exchange!

At the touch of a button you enter the largest independent trading floor in the world. All users trade directly among themselves, completely decentralized and distributed all over the world. In your new world, you don’t trust anyone. Nobody keeps your coins. Only you have full control over your assets.

No one can scam or steal from you, because intermediaries have been replaced by well-founded cryptography. You trade your assets in the millisecond range (Tokrex). No matter if you trade coins against coins or Fiat against coins. There is also no one who keeps the pricing or a central order book. The decentralized network was modeled after the model of floor trading and thus a completely decentralized order matching is possible (FloorNet). This way you can be sure that you are trading in a fair environment that nobody can influence.

Your new world offers real-time settlement. After a trade your coins, tokens and your Fiat money are immediately in your own wallet. Not in anyone’s wallet, just on your device and safely under your control. You can withdraw Fiat money at any time through Tokrex Clearing Service Provider (CSP) or keep it in the Clearing Blockchain. Even a CSP is secure, because it does not store cryptos, but only manages bank money. Everything is done in real time. Everyone can create new markets here. Coins and tokens, even those of new blockchains or ICOs, are traded here immediately.

For your security, the decentralized system also performs Customer Due Diligence (KYC) so that you always comply with the laws (AML/CFT) of your country. Even if you want to transfer a Bitcoin e.g. in a few milliseconds to your friend, you are right here. The term “central crypto exchange” is no longer known in the new world, because your personal freedom and security is the first priority here.

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Airdrop & Bounty Tutorial For Newbie, Click Here

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