Tiktakbtc Airdrop Tutorial – Earn Stellar (XLM) Free

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Tiktakbtc Airdrop Tutorial - Earn Stellar (XLM) Free

Tiktakbtc Airdrop Tutorial – Earn Stellar (XLM) Free

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Tiktakbtc Airdrop Tutorial As Below

– Register Tiktakbtc account at:     https://login.tiktakbtc.net

+ Enter Your first name, last name, email address

+ Create username and login password

+ Tick in 2 boxes and click on ‘Create An Account’ button

+ Check Your email to confirm registration

– Login to Your account:

+ Click on ‘Verify Account’ button to fill Your data and click on ‘Save’

+ Then complete identity verification

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Aboout Tiktakbtc

Tiktakbtc provides wallet service, exchange, buy and sell cryptocurrency quickly, safely and conveniently worldwide

* For more information, click at:  https://tiktakbtc.net

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