Techshare Airdrop – Earn $5 Of TCL Tokens Free

Techshare Airdrop - Earn $5 Of TCL Tokens Free

Join The Techshare Crypto Airdrop To Receive 50 TCL Tokens Free Worth Of The $5 

Techshare is launching Airdrop campaign to community. Participants will receive 50 TCL Tokens free ~ $5 into their wallet after completed tasks. Step by step to claim Tokens Airdrop as below

Techshare Crypto Airdrop Tutorial

Chat With Airdrop Telegram Bot

Chat with Airdrop Bot:

Click on ‘Start’ >>> ‘Continue’: Pass Captcha and do tasks

Register account on Techshare website with Your email

Join Telegram group and channel:   &

Like Facebook page:

Follow Twitter page:

Subscribe on Youtube channel and follow Medium page

After completed tasks, click on ‘Submit Details’

Send Your Telegram username, email address that registered Techshare account, Facebook profile link, Medium profile link, Twitter username, Youtube profile link  and ETH (ERC20) wallet address to Bot

Click on ‘Dashboard’ to check Your TCL Token balance and get referral link. You will earn 50 TCL Tokens free ~ $5 after Airdrop ends. Tokens Airdrop will be distributed on May 28 – June 4 2020.

Referral Rewards Of Airdrop

Share Your referral link and invite people to the Airdrop to earn more TCL Tokens. You will receive extra 5 TCL Tokens free ~ $0.5 per referral

About Techshare 

Techshare – The consensus protocol is mechanism that allows blockchain to validate and approved or disapprove data and transaction before storing them to make blockchain faultless.

Techshare – Staking TCapital operates the most secure, performant, and cost-effective block production nodes for decentralized PoS protocols on behalf of institutional investors. Their multi-tier signing and listening node architecture delivers stakeholders the ideal combination of security, scalability, and decentralization.

If You want to earn more money free with crypto Airdrop, You can see our list of best cryptocurrency Airdrop programs.

Like our Facebook page and share (Optional)

Join our Telegram group and Telegram channel (Optional)

Good luck,

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