Summary Of CZ’s AMA About Binance

Summary Of CZ's AMA About Binance

Summary Of CZ’s AMA About Binance

Binnace US will be launched within 3 months

Binance works very hard to get listed BNB on Binance US.

Binance DEX is not blocking users. blocked U.S. access. Binance DEX can be accessed by a number of wallet products such as Trust Wallet and Ledger

BGBP will be listed on Binance Jersey this Friday

Binance lists a trading pair of BTCB to BTC

If a trading pair or token on Binance DEX has consistently high trading volume, then they will be eligible for trading on

Binance Dex will slightly change the matching logic, which will be akin to a limited-order book

IDO (Initial DEX Offering) is not controlled by Binance DEX team

The next IEO will be announced “around thursday, plus/minus a day or so”. Some details: need to hold BNB for 9 days, random snapshots, the market cap “is quite small”

Margin trading is being tested and will soon be open to more users. Leverage: 2-3x

BNB burn will be on July 15

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