StakedWallet Airdrop SWL Token – Warning: SCAM – Earn Up To 1.5% Daily Profits On Your Crypto – Receive SWL Tokens Free

StakedWallet Airdrop SWL Token - Earn Up To 1.5% Daily Profits On Your Crypto - Receive SWL Tokens Free

StakedWallet Airdrop SWL Token – Warning: SCAM – Earn Up To 1.5% Daily Profits On Your Crypto – Receive SWL Tokens Free

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StakedWallet Airdrop SWL Token – Tutorial As Below

Step 1: Register StakedWallet Account

– Register StakedWallet account at: SCAM

– Click on ‘Get Started’


– Enter Your email address, create login password

– Tick in box ‘I accept terms…’ and ‘I’m not a robot’ then click on ‘Create Account’

Step 2: Do Tasks

– Login Your StakedWallet account

– Click on ‘Bounty’ at left side: do tasks to receive more SWL Tokens free

– There are 2 kinds of tasks in the StakedWallet Bounty program: 1 – one-off tasks, 2 – daily tasks. You can complete a one-off task and get a reward for it only once. Daily tasks You can perform every new day.

Step 3: Referral Rewards Of StakedWallet Airdrop

– Click on ‘Partners’ at left side to get Your referral link

– Receive extra 10 SWL Tokens free after inviting Your first partner. Further more You will earn 50% of Your partner’s daily profits. Besides, not only will you be getting a profit from the friends you’ve invited but also from their invited partners of 5 levels.

  • Level 1 – 50% of income
  • Level 2 – 30% of income
  • Level 3 – 20% of income
  • Level 4 – 20% of income
  • Level 5 – 10% of income

Earn Up To 1.5% Daily Profits With StakedWallet

Invest in StakedWallet and get between 0.6-1.5% of income on a daily basis. The longer You keep Your funds, the higher Your income percentage is.

Earn 0.6% daily for crypto keeping 1 – 3 months

Earn 0.9% daily for crypto keeping 4 – 9 months

Earn 1.5% daily after crypto keeping than 9 months

StakedWallet currently are supporting 6 most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash (DASH) and Ethereum (ETH). Soon StakedWallet will add more other cryptocurrencies.

Please read this tutorial to earn up to 1.5% daily profits with StakedWallet: Earn Up To 1.5% Daily Profits On StakedWallet

About StakedWallet

StakedWallet is a next-generation cryptocurrency wallet for storing and exchanging that is quite different from others. StakedWallet allows users to earn profits on keeping Bitcoin and crypto assets with Proof Of Stake.

Special Features Of StakedWallet

Storage: StakedWallet makes it possible for you to store as much cryptocurrency as you want so you don’t have to worry about its security. Our specialists do their best to protect your funds and personal data.

Management: StakedWallet guarantees that you always have access to your funds. You can manage it as you see fit. Unlimited transactions and instant money withdrawal at any time.

Income: When you top up your wallet balance with the sum that exceeds the minimum threshold StakedWallet provides you with a daily income of 0.2% of the available sum. Other conditions stay the same – you are not bound to anything and can either get your profit or withdraw the whole sum.

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