Stake Binance Coin At BNBFactor And Earn Up To 4% BNB Daily (SCAM)

Stake Binance Coin At BNBFactor And Earn Up To 4% BNB Daily

BNBFactor Intro

Currently, BNBFactor is Scam project. Please careful and don’t invest any money to BNBFactor.

BNBFactor is the best Yield Farm project on Binance Smart Chain, providing a more profitable farming experience which allows its users to earn between 2% to 4% profits. The project was launched on 16th August 2021 and has seen a growing success rate with its high APR (Annual Percentage Rate).

The platform attracts a wide range of users ranging from long-term investors to active users who earn on referrals and rewards.

Stake Binance Coin At BNBFactor And Earn Up To 4% BNB Daily

Security Audit

CertiK audit passed –

HazeCrypto audit passed –

More details here

Key Features

As A Investor: You will enjoy stable passive income and high APR. You don’t need to exchange your BNB for any tokens, just start to earn BNB with BNB so easily.

As A Promoter: You will be pleasantly rewarded for your work in attracting people with a 5-level affiliate program. Get up to 7% from each deposit of invited users.

BNBFactor also has plans to issue their own DeFi token and a platform that would allow them to reduce the risk of losses.

Stake Plans

Earnings every sec 24/7, withdraw anytime, without any limits

Stake Binance Coin At BNBFactor And Earn Up To 4% BNB Daily

BNBFactor offers its users a variety of staking plans. These include a “forever” earning plan which lets its users earn a 2% return every day. For a 40-day staking plan, users would get a 4% return daily while for a 60-day plan, they would get a 3.5% return rate daily. A 90-day staking plan would fetch users to get a 3% return every day.

Staking on the BNBFactor plan is simple as users just need to fill in the amount of $BNB that they want to deposit and enter ‘Stake”, after this approving the MetaMask transaction would get them ready to earn $BNB.

The minimum deposit amount for staking is 0.05 BNB.

Affiliate program

Earn BNB for inviting other users in BNBFactor ecosystem with 5 – lvl Affiliate Program. Just use your link and everyone who makes a deposit after using your link will become your 1 LVL referral.

Affiliate BNBFactor

You will receive 7% from each deposit of invited by you user. What does LVL mean? LVL is the level of the invited user, 2 LVL means the user who was invited by the user you invited.

How To Earn BNB

Go to BNBFactor official website: BNBFactor

Connect Your wallet – Tutorial


Then go to the Dashboard page 

Select the plan you wish to stake and open it.

Stake Binance Coin At BNBFactor And Earn Up To 4% BNB Daily

Enter BNB amount you wish to stake.


Click Stake button and confirm the transaction through your wallet

Stake Binance Coin At BNBFactor And Earn Up To 4% BNB Daily

Now your deposit has been created and you start earning, after the expiration of the plan, earnings on this deposit will stop. If you make another deposit, they will work in parallel independently of each other, so feel free to reinvest your profits.

BNBFactor Support

Telegram group:

Twitter channel:

Risk Warning

BNBFactor is a high-risk investment channel. You should be sensible in Your participation and be aware of investment risks. We are not liable for Your investment gains or losses. The information we provide for You to conduct Your own research. It is not investment advice. Please analyze the transaction history and balance of the smart contract before investing. High risk – High profit.

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