Sparkpoint Airdrop – Get 10,000 SRK Tokens Free

Sparkpoint Airdrop - Get 10,000 SRK Tokens Free

Sparkpoint is launching a Crypto Airdrop program to giveaway SRK Tokens to their users. Register account on Sparkpoint  and verify identity (KYC), You will get 10,000 SRK Tokens free into account. Step by step to claim free Tokens as below. 

Sparkpoint Airdrop SRK Tokens Tutorial 

Register Account And Complete KYC Verification

Register account on Sparkpoint website

Sparkpoint Account

Enter Your email address and create login password

Tick in boxes ‘I agree to…’ and click on ‘Sign Up’ button then check Your email to verify

Login Your account and click on ‘Profile’ at left side: complete Your identity (KYC) verification to get 10,000 SRK Tokens free into account and activate referral link.

Referral Rewards Of Airdrop

Click on ‘Referral Rewards’ at left side to get Your referral link. Share Your link and invite people to the Airdrop program to earn extra 5,000 SRK Tokens per referral.

About Sparkpoint (SRK)

SparkPoint – Be a globally competitive project that focuses on financial inclusion by integrating blockchain technology and promoting financial literacy awareness to reinvent the world of digital payments.

From mobile payments, remittances, exchanges, gaming, etc. Starting slowly, one step at a time, with the support of the community, SparkPoint Innovations will help build a better future for the people.

Join More Crypto Airdrop Campaigns

If You want to earn more crypto free with Airdrop campaigns, You can go to our page of Airdrop & Bounty to find out more and don’t forget:

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