ShapeShift Giveaway Campaign – Win $500 Of USDT

ShapeShift Giveaway Campaign - Win $500 Of USDT

Join ShapeShift Giveaway Campaign To Win $500 Of USDT

ShapeShift is launching USDT Giveaway campaign, five lucky winners get $500 in USDT each! Triple Your chances at winning by completing all of steps below before June 4th, 5pm UTC.

ShapeShift USDT Giveaway Campaign – Tutorial As Below

Register ShapeShift Account

Register ShapeShift account at:

Enter email address, create login password

Tick in box ‘I am human’ and click on ‘Create Account’

Check Your email to verify

Go to this page to connect Your wallet (KeepKey, Ledger, Trezor, Portis) to the ShapeShift account:

Join The Waitlist

Sign up for waitlist to be the first to know about something new coming soon from ShapeShift.

Make A Trade

Make a trade in the ShapeShift Platform and earn a third entry for the giveaway.


Five lucky winners get $500 in USDT each

ShapeShift Overview

ShapeShift is a revolutionary part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is how a digital marketplace should work. The platform gives you the power to quickly swap between assets in a seamless, safe, and secure environment.

ShapeShift is a web and API platform created in August of 2014 to provide instant Bitcoin and altcoin conversion with the maximum level of consumer protection and efficiency.

ShapeShift goal is to be the fastest, most private, and most convenient way to swap digital currencies, and exchange rate will always remain competitive.

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Good luck,

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