SafeSpace Crypto Airdrop Program – Get Free 600 Million SAFESPACE Tokens

SafeSpace Crypto Airdrop Program - Get Free 600 Million SAFESPACE Tokens

SafeSpace is launching a Crypto Airdrop program for community. Join the Airdrop campaign and complete the tasks, You will earn free 600 million SAFESPACE Tokens ($3) and can sell them on PancakeSwap.  

SafeSpace Crypto Airdrop Tokens – Tutorial As Below

Chat with Airdrop Bot and complete the tasks:

Click on ‘Start’ >>> ‘Join Airdrop’: do tasks

Join Telegram group and channel:   &

Follow on Twitter page and retweet the pinned tweet, tag 3 people:

Subscribe on Reddit page:

Join promote telegram channel and follow prromote Twitter channel (Optional)

After completed tasks, click on ‘Registration’: pass Captcha

Send Your email address, BEP-20 (BSC) wallet address, Twitter profile link, retweet link to Bot.

Click on ‘Main Menu’ >>> ‘My Balance’ to check Your SAFESPACE Tokens balance and get referral link. You will get free 600 million SAFESPACE Tokens after Airdrop ends and can sell on PancakeSwap. Airdrop rewards will be distributed within 1 month after the end of the airdrop.

Referral Rewards 

Share Your referral link to invite people to the Airdrop program, You will get extra 60 million SAFESPACE Tokens per referral.

About SafeSpace 

Safespace is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency platform that allows users to invest in the project and get commission for holding the safespace token. Unlike other centralized networks, Safespace is decentralized. It is decentralized, enabling privacy and eliminating interference while using top-of-the-line security features.

Safespace has the following features to ensure that it runs smoothly:

  • A fully decentralized arbitration structure that allows conflicts to be resolved;
  • An application that can run on any OS and has an intuitive user interface and can execute trading protocols.

Users can remain anonymous thanks to a peer-to-peer network. Token s are exchanged on Safespace via cross-chain atomic swaps in a peer-to-peer format.

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