Rewards Of Mcashchain (MCASH) – Earn Up To 50,000 MCASH Tokens ($500) – MCASH Is Trading On Vinex Exchange With Price Of $0.01

Rewards Of Mcashchain (MCASH) - Earn Up To 50,000 MCASH Tokens ($500) - MCASH Is Trading On Vinex Exchange With Price Of $0.01

Rewards Of Mcashchain (MCASH) – Earn Up To 50,000 MCASH Tokens ($500) – MCASH Is Trading On Vinex Exchange With Price Of $0.01

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Rewards Of Mcashchain (MCASH), Tutorial As Below

Step 1: Register Bitcointalk Account

– Register account at:

Step 2: Join Rewards Of Mcashchain 

– Login Your Bitcointalk account and go to this page:

– Place Your questions about Mcashchain into comment section. You should to refer Whitepaper to question:

– Mcashchain will give 50,000 MCASH Tokens for top 10 questions asking in this thread. The results will be announced in 1st July 2019

– Like Facebook page and share (Optional):

– Join Telegram group and channel (Optional):      Telegram Channel    &    Telegram Chat

Step 3: Register Vinex Exchange Account 

– If You get Rewards Of Mcashchain and want to sell MCASH. You can sell it on Vinex Exchange

– Register Vinex Exchange account at:

About Mcashchain

MCashChain aims to provide a solution for one of our ambitious projects which aims to challenge Ebay’s Model on Blockchain. As we all know, the lengthy block confirmation time and the high gas price have made it a great challenge to auction, bid or make use of the smart contracts. Moreover, the greater adoption of cryptocurrencies require the public blockchain to achieve high throughput at low fees to enable micropayment for E-commerce and high speed for online decentralized gaming experience. We are working towards a blockchain-based platform for electronic payment which is more secure, transparent, highly scalable and available for DApps in our ecosystem and others.

MCashChain private testnet has been completed. Public testnet is now live from 6th of June 2019. Public Mainnet is set on the 26th of June 2019

The network has been launched in testnet mode successfully and proved to be stable, ready for multiple tests going forward to Mainnet Event.

MCashChain Summary:

* 10k TPS (50k after sharding on Q4/2019)

* Instant transfer with LightningSend

* Block time 3 seconds

* Zero fees

* Zerocoin mixing layer for privacy

* Mineable with low hardware requirement (~100usd/month)

* 64 Supernodes for 30% p.a average ROI

* Unlimited 4 level staking nodes 18% p.a average ROI

* MCash dApp Studio — 1st IDE for intuitive dapp programming

* Monitoring and real time voting/unvoting, 2h reward settlement on Midas Wallet

* Cross-chain swap enabled on Unidex

* MCashLight Extension to manage bandwidth and energy with easy

MCashDice and a dozen of existing games by GemMob Studio will be developed, converted and ported to MCashChain. Auction smart contract will be developed on MCashChain for several art and antique auction houses. Dapp on Demand campaign will be launched in July to create greater pipeline of dApps on MCashChain.

* For more information at:

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