Register Darico Reward Program To Get 300 DEC Worth $45

Register Darico Reward Program To Get 300 DEC Worth $45

Register Darico Reward Program To Get 300 DEC Worth $45

DEC Is Listing on Coinmarketcap And Trading on IDEX, Bilaxy Exchange

Register Darico Reward Program To Get 300 DEC Worth $45

Instruction, As Below:

– Register Darico Reward Program At HERE

+ Enter Your first and last name

+ Create password

+ Choose Your country code and enter phone number

+ Enter Your email

+ Check in box ‘Accept Term & Condition’ and ‘reCAPTCHA’

+ Click ‘Signup Now’ button

+ Check Your email and click link to verify account

– Login to account:

Complete Task 1: Simple task and very easy to get 300 DEC worth $45

+ Click ‘Go To Reward’ and scroll down

+ Join Telegram group:

+ Enter Your Telegram profile link and click ‘Claim’

+ Like Facebook page:

+ Enter Your Facebook profile link and click ‘Claim’

+ Follow Twitter:

+ Enter Your Twitter profile link and click ‘Claim’

+ Subscribe Youtube:

+ Enter Your Youtube profile link and click ‘Claim’

+ Follow Linkedin:

+ Enter Your Linkedin profile link and click ‘Claim’

+ Subscribe Reddit:

+ Enter Your Reddit profile link and click ‘Claim’

+ Send Feedback task: Earn 25 DEC for each  good and useful feedback

Optional: Do task 2: Click ‘Enter The Darican Program’ button

+ ‘General Daricans’ task: Click ‘Submit Your Work’: Fill the form about Propose an Your Idea for the Project

+ ‘Visit The Daricans’ task: login the Darican Program page again in 24 hours to get additional DEC: Max is 100 time and get 250 DEC

+ ‘Are you a creative Darican? Then, show us your creativity’: Click ‘Submit Your Work’: Fill the form and submit Your creativity for the Project

+ ‘Developer Daricans’ task and ‘Left brain Daricans, this is your chance to show your skills! Participate in out Developer Category and rise up to the ranks!’ task: Task for Developer

+ ‘If you are a social media addict, then here’s your chance to get rewarded while you are on!’: Liked Post, Comments, Retweet, Reddit Post, and others and click ‘Submit Your Work’, fill Your URL of Liked Post, Comments, Retweet, Reddit Post,…

– Referral Bonus: Click ‘CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR REFERRAL LINK’ to get Your referral link

Referral Bonus details:

About Darico

Darico (Decentralized, Asset-Backed, Return-Focused, Investment-Grade Coin) has been developed for empowering small investors by providing them with professional cryptocurrency investment tools that will help them to make more informed investment(cryptocurrency) decisions.

It significantly embodies a unique position with its precise combination of assets (gold, Bitcoin, and Ethereum) as a base. The DRC token is created for achieving its unique goal by effectively solving the problems and shortcomings associated with traditional economic systems. The ecosystem of this platform will consist of exchange services, debit card, index fund, wallet, terminal, liquidity pool and a wide range of cryptocurrency trading-related services.

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