Poex Global Airdrop PO Token – Earn Free 30,000 PO Tokens

Poex Global Airdrop PO Token - Earn Free 30,000 PO Tokens

Poex Global Airdrop PO Token – Earn Free 30,000 PO Tokens

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Poex Global Airdrop PO Token, Tutorial As Below

Step 1: Do Tasks

– Join Telegram group and channel: https://t.me/PoexGlobal    &  https://t.me/Poex_News

– Follow Twitter page and retweet the latest tweet (tag at least 3 people): https://twitter.com/PoexGlobal

– Like Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/poexglobal

Step 2: Fill The Form

– Fill the form: https://docs.google.com/forms

– Enter Your email address, Telegram username, Twitter username, tick in box ‘Done’, Facebook profile link and ETH wallet address

– Click on ‘Submit’

Step 3: Referral Rewards

– Earn extra 5,000 PO Tokens per referral

– Like Facebook page and share (Optional): https://www.facebook.com/share.airdrop.bounty.campaigns

– Join Telegram group and channel (Optional):      Telegram Channel    &    Telegram Chat

– Follow Twitter page (Optional): https://twitter.com/Cryptokiemtien2

About Poex Global

POEX The Most Innovative Global Cryptocurrency Exchange, Our vision is to create a fast and highly secure crypto exchange platform to shape the digital economy. (Low Fee, User Friendly Design, Easy to Communicate, Safe & Secure)

Poex comes with a lot of convenience and function for the convenience of all Users.

Poex offers a High Security user-friendly platform. The easy-to-use User Interface is combined with a high-performance process engine. collecting all the requirements on a single platform, poex is tailored to the needs of everyone. Poex maintains its active reserves in dynamic cold stores and follows the safest route.

selection of large scale reliable crypto assets, Affordable trade and withdrawal fees are just a few of the things poex offers…

* For more information at:  https://poex.global

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