Personal Wager Airdrop PWON Token – Earn $10 Of PWON Tokens Free

Personal Wager Airdrop PWON Token - Earn $10 Of PWON Tokens Free

Personal Wager Airdrop PWON Token – Earn $10 Of PWON Tokens Free

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Personal Wager Airdrop PWON Token – Tutorial As Below

Step 1: Do Tasks

– Register Personal Wager (PWON) account with Your email address at:

– Join Personal Wager Telegram channel:

– Like PWON on Facebook page and like, share the pinned post (Optipnal + 10 PWON):

– Follow Personal Wager on Twitter and retweet the pinned tweet with comment (Optipnal + 10 PWON):

– Follow PWON on Instagram and make a positive comment (Optipnal + 10 PWON):

– Make a positive Medium article about Personal wager with a minimum of 300 words. (+50 PWON, Optional)

– Like Facebook page and share (Optional):

– Join Telegram group and channel (Optional):      Telegram Channel    &    Telegram Chat

– Follow KTSGroup (Vietnam Cryptocurrency Community) on Twitter and retweet the latest tweet (Optional):

Step 2: Fill The Form

– Fill the form of Personal Wager Airdrop:

– Enter Your email address that registered Personal Wager account, Telegram username, share link on Your Facebook, retweet link on Your Twitter, Twitter username, Instagram username and ERC20 (ETH) wallet address

– Then click on ‘Submit’ to finish

– You will earn 100 PWON Tokens free ~ $10 

About Personal Wager (PWON)

Personal Wager (PWON) aims to be a globally accessible esports player to player (P2P) wagering system, allowing players in any country to wager on their own skill with players at home or in any other country. In the near future, with an expansion into an AI to AI (A2A) system through the acquisition key gaming assets, Personal Wager expects to be the de-facto standard for human vs human, AI vs AI, and human vs AI wagering.

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