Particl Airdrop PART Coin Tutorial – Earn $5 In PART Coins Free

Particl Airdrop PART Coin Tutorial - Earn $5 In PART Coins Free

Particl Airdrop PART Coin Tutorial – Earn $5 In PART Coins Free

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Particl Airdrop PART Coin Tutorial As Below

Step 1: Register Particl Airdrop To Get Free $5 In PART Coins

– Register Airdrop at:

– Enter Your email address

– Check Your email to verify

– After register successfully, You will got free $5 in PART Coins

Step 2: Referral Rewards

– Share Your referral link to refer people to register Particl Airdrop

– Referral Rewards:

+ Get $10 worth of $PART when 5 of your friends sign up

+ Get $20 worth of $PART when 10 of your friends sign up

+ Get 1 lifetime staking share per additional friend that signs up (10+)

Step 3: Claim Your PART Coin

Download Particl Wallet Desktop

– After download successfully: Install and create a new account (make sure to backup your seed somewhere safe!)

– Go to the RECEIVE tab located in the sidebar on the left

– Click on the Private Address tab located at the top of the RECEIVE page

– Click on the green Copy Address button to copy it to your clipboard

– Send Your Private Address to email address: by the same email You regsitered Particl Airdrop

About Particl

Particl is an open-source platform built on it’s own blockchain and was designed to work concurrently with other cryptocurrencies while promoting core values of privacy & security. Aiming to bring greater control of personal data to online services, the decentralized systems outlined by Particl combine a Bitmessage-style network with anonymous payment schemes. Particl platform is said to host a decentralized marketplace for e-commerce and the creation of privacy-focused decentralized applications that the team believes will help to build a more efficient economy without middlemen.

* For more information at:

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