Opu Crypto Airdrop Tutorial – Earn 250 OPU Coins Free – Worth The $15

Opu Crypto Airdrop Tutorial - Earn 250 OPU Coins Free - Worth The $15

Opu Crypto Airdrop Tutorial – Earn 250 OPU Coins Free – Worth The $15

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Opu Crypto Airdrop Tutorial, As Below

– Register Opu Airdrop At:        https://opu.ai

+ Security check: Input Your answer and tap on ‘Submit’

+ Input Your email and create login password as instruction

+ Check in box ‘Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy’ the tap on ‘Register’

+ Check Your email and tap on ‘Activate Account’

– Login Your account: 

+ Go to Your dashboard and scroll down until you see ”Social Media Airdrop“, tap on “Opu Airdrop”

+ Follow social media channels: Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Medium, Youtube

+ Verify You’ve completed the airdrop by checking your Opu Coin balance at the top of the page

+ Join Telegram group and channel (Optional):       Telegram Channel    &    Telegram Chat

– Referral Rewards: You will recieve additional Opu coins per referral

About Opu

About OPU Labs

Opu Labs’ mission is to improve how the global skincare industry exchanges data, information, and rewards in a way that benefits patients, dermatologists, treatment centers, brand specialists, and product manufacturers. To make that happen, we’re building a blockchain-based technology platform – starting with a mobile skincare app – and a token-based ecosystem that will reward its users. We completed our initial coin offering after gathering a large community around our site, social media and rewards program. We are now working towards a full commercial release of the Opu Platform

* For more information, click at:  https://opu.ai

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