OpenChat Airdrop – Earn $10 Of CHAT Tokens Free

OpenChat Airdrop - Earn $10 Of CHAT Tokens Free

Join The OpenChat Crypto Airdrop Campaign To Earn 6,500 CHAT Tokens Free Worth Of The $10 And You Can Also Get 1,300 CHAT ($2) For Every Person, That You Invited. 

OpenChat is an open-source and community driven organization founded by former Google engineers, and is committed to building the best instant messaging protocols and innovative technology products. Other members of the core team have worked in globally recognized companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Huawei and have built many applications that are widely used all over the world today. By bringing together the core development team and a community of seasoned developers, OpenChat is able to build the infrastructure for essential day-to-day communications supporting hundreds of millions of users around the world.

OpenChat Airdrop CHAT Tokens Tutorial

Complete The Airdrop’s Tasks

Join their Telegram Channel and Telegram Community:    &

Follow on Twitter account ( and retweet this tweet:

Fill Your Data In The Form

After completed all tasks, fill Your data in this form and submit:

Enter Your Telegram username, Twitter username, email address and Ethereum (ETH) wallet address

You will earn 6,500 CHAT Tokens free ~ $10. The distribution will starts after the end of the Airdrop – 2020 June 12th

Referral Rewards Of Airdrop

Sharet Your referral link to invite people to the OpenChat Airdrop and get extra 1,300 CHAT Tokens free ($2) per referral.

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Join our Telegram group and Telegram channel (Optional)

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