Nydronia Airdrop – Get $88 Of NIA Tokens Free

Nydronia Airdrop - Get $88 Of NIA Tokens Free

Join The Nydronia Crypto Airdrop To Get 100 NIA Tokens Free Worth Of The $88

Nydronia is a token that connects the real and virtual world with infinite advantages when it comes to using it, in addition to not losing its value due to the fact that it will be backed by highly marketable products. Nydronia is launching NIA Tokens Airdrop campaign to the community. The campaign will start from 21th May, 2020 and end 21th June 2020. Step by step to claim Tokens Airdrop as below

Nydronia Airdrop Crypto Tutorial 

Register account on Nydronia website


Enter Your name, email address and create login password

Tick in box ‘I agree to…’ and ‘I’m not a robot’ then click on ‘Create Account’

Check Your email to activate account

Do Tasks To Claim Tokens Airdrop

Login Your Nydronia account, You will receive 10 NIA Tokens ~ $8

Then click on ‘Claim Airdrop’ to do tasks

Update Your profile; Join Telegram group and channel: https://t.me/nydronia   &  https://t.me/nydronia_news

Follow Nydronia on Twitter page: https://twitter.com/nydronia

Like, retweet the pinned tweet with comment and tag 5 people: https://twitter.com/nydronia/status/1263024719994826752

Follow Reddit page: https://reddit.com/user/nydronia

Follow Medium page: https://medium.com/@nydronia

Fill Your Data

After completed tasks, fill Your data in the form: enter Telegram username, Twitter username, retweet link, Reddit username, Medium username, ERC 20 (ETH) wallet address and submit.

You will get 100 NIA Tokens free ~ $88 if You completed all tasks

Referral Rewards Of Nydronia Airdrop

Share Your referral link and invite people to the Airdrop to receive more NIA Tokens. You will receive 15 NIA Tokens free ~ $13.2 per referral

About Nydronia

Nydronia is a cryptocurrency token built with ethereum blockchain or stablecoin backed by products that will be created by the union of the founders with companies, producers and industries whose unit will have as application the application of blockchain networks and robotization, optimizing from the smallest to the most complex of the entity. Obtaining as a result lower cost and higher quality products. To then be sold to merchants in any type of cryptocurrency, but highlighting the discount for the purchase of products with their token, thus obtaining indirect beneficiary support for producers, entrepreneurs, merchants and the general public.

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Join our Telegram group and Telegram channel (Optional)

Good luck,

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