MorCrypto Airdrop MOR Token – Earn $30 Of MOR Tokens Free

MorCrypto Airdrop MOR Token - Earn $30 Of MOR Tokens Free

MorCrypto Airdrop MOR Token – Earn $30 Of MOR Tokens Free

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MorCrypto Airdrop MOR Token – Tutorial As Below

Step 1: Chat With MorCrypto Airdrop Telegram Bot

– Chat with MorCrypto exchange (MOR) Airdrop Bot:

– Click on ‘Start’: Pass Human and do tasks

– Join MorCrypto exchange Telegram group and channel:   &

– Follow MOR on Twitter account:

– Subscribe MorCrypto exchange on Youtube channel:

– Register account on MorCrypto exchange website with Your email address:

– Join Telegram channel:

– Follow Twitter page and retweet the MOR Airdrop tweet (Optional):

– Subscribe Youtube channel (Optional):

– After completed tasks, click on ‘Submit Your Details’

– Send Your email address that registered MorCrypto exchange account to Bot

– Send Your Twitter username, Youtube profile link to Bot

– Click on ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

– Send Your ETH (ERC20) wallet address to Bot

– Click on ‘Balance’ to check Your MOR Token balance

Step 2: Referral Rewards Of MorCrypto Exchange Airdrop

– Earn extra $5 of MOR Tokens free per referral

– Like Facebook page and share (Optional):

– Join Telegram group and channel (Optional):      Telegram Channel    &    Telegram Chat

– Follow KTSGroup (Vietnam Cryptocurrency Community) on Twitter and retweet the latest tweet (Optional):

About MorCrypto (MOR)

MorCrypto is the crypto halve of Africa with trading exchange, mining service, cryptocurrency e-commerce, and multiple cryptocurrency investment opportunities.

MorCrypto Exchange is the p2p trading sector of MorCrypto were users can trade various crypto currencies within themselves. They say MorCrypto is the crypto halve of Africa because once they have obtained full license to operate as a trading exchange in Nigeria and with Nigeria being the leading nation in the blockchain among other African countries it will give us the leverage to openly approach as many Africa Nations that do not restrict the use of crypto currencies and introduce them all into crypto currency, when these happens their database will increase massively and the use of base coin MOR will increase tremendously and that will lead to a drastic escalation of the price of base coin MOR, Nigeria has a total of over 200 million population and a recent report shows that in Africa, 1 in 5 is Nigerian.

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