Maker Classic Airdrop MKRC – Claim 125 USD Free

Maker Classic Airdrop MKRC - Claim 125 USD

Join The Maker Classic Airdrop MKRC Program And Claim 125 USD Free 

Airdrop time: The Maker Classic Airdrop is limited to 50,000 participants and will close once the cap is reached or on October 9th 2019. The distribution of tokens shall be done within 10 days after the end of Main Sale.

Maker Classic Airdrop Tutorial As Below

Today were excited to announce the launch of Maker Classic Airdrop. Maker team announces a Airdrop campaign with 1,250,000 MKRC tokens. Please, fill in our Airdrop form to join the Airdrop and get your 25 MKRC tokens. Each user who successfully completes all tasks will receive $125 worth of MKRC tokens. Make sure that you follow all the steps written below.

Follow these simple rules to gain your free MKRC tokens:

Follow Maker Classic’s official Twitter page:

Retweet our pinned tweet. Please add comments using the following hashtags #MKRC #MakerClassic #Ethereum #Blockchain #ETH #crypto #Airdrop #FreeTokens and link to their website

Join our official telegram group and telegram channel:    &

Post at least one message in the our telegram group.

Don’t leave our telegram group and twitter page until the end of the Main Sale.

About Maker Classic

Maker Classic (MKRC) is the proprietary token for Maker, and it is backed by Ether rather than fiat currency. This is the basis of a advanced banking system built on blockchain technology that allows for simpler international payments and peer-to-peer transfers. DAI is a stablecoin designed along fractional reserve banking ideals and linked to the Maker (MKR) and Maker Classic (MKRC). Maker Classic has a total supply of 12,000,000 MKRC. MKRC is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and can not be mined. MKRC will be used to pay transaction fees on the Maker system like MKR, and it collateralizes the system. Both tokens (MKR, MKRC, DAI) can be stored in any wallet that supports ERC20.

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