Kingsglobal Airdrop KSG Token – Earn Free 200,000 KSG Tokens

Kingsglobal Airdrop KSG Token - Earn Free 200,000 KSG Tokens

Kingsglobal Airdrop KSG Token – Earn Free 200,000 KSG Tokens

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Kingsglobal Airdrop KSG Token, Tutorial As Below

Step 1: Chat With Telegram Bot

– Chat with Bot:

– Click on ‘Start’ then click on ‘Task’

– Join Telegram group and channel:     &

– Follow Twitter:

– Like Facebook page:

– Join Telegram channel:

– After complete all tasks, click on ‘Yes’

– Send to Bot: Your email address, Telegram username, Twitter username, Facebook profile link and ETH wallet address

– Click on ‘Referral’ to get Your referral link

– Click on ‘Balance’: Check Your KSG Token balance

Step 2: Referral Rewards

– Earn extra KSG Token per referral

– Like Facebook page and share (Optional):

– Join Telegram group and channel (Optional):      Telegram Channel    &    Telegram Chat

About Kingsglobal

On this page, we allow people to send in their requests for financial aid and we pick top three most Urgent upon crucial investigation before we upload on our site for public fund raising/ donations, this is made possible only for HODLER of KSG token.

Our network platform allows you to meet different people from different part of the world to connect for Love or Business and make progress also you can network with our team, only available to holder’s of KSG token.

Logistics networking is the place you render your services to people around the world at your convenience time of movement to help deliver good and secure services to any destination of your choice and get paid doing what you like or going where you want. Many find this option interesting in no time especially travelers who travel from state to state and country to country. Only made possible if you are holding KSG token.

KSG is also a shopping platform where you can buy from shopping store to any part of the country of your choice, and also we allow KSG holders to upload their new and used products for buyers to purchase and receive secured payment via KSG payment system. You can buy and sell anything you want on platform once the store is open

In the current world we live today, we are aware that people like to sell and upload Their content for fun or fund and as a community project trying to give back to the community especially the less privileged we have provided a platform where you can upload real private videos, pictures, materials, ebooks, journals, conferences materials and other things for sale only on this sections. This section is a very private and secure section of the site and will be available for approved members only to use for fun or fund making.

* For more information at:

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