Jebit Exchange Airdrop Tutorial – Earn 1,000 JBT Coins Free

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Jebit Exchange Airdrop Tutorial - Earn 1,000 JBT Coins Free

Jebit Exchange Airdrop Tutorial – Earn 1,000 JBT Coins Free

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Jebit Exchange Airdrop Tutorial As Below

– Register Jebit Exchange Account At:

+ Enter Your first name, last name, email address

+ Create username, login password

+ Tick in box ‘ Accept our…’ and click on ‘Register’ button

+ Check Your email and click on ‘Verify’ to verify email

– Login Your account:

+ Choose ‘Wallets’ section

+ At JBT wallet: Click on Icon at right corner and choose ‘Deposit’

+ Then You will see JBT wallet address: Copy and save it

– Join Jebit Exchange Airdrop: chat with Telegram Bot:

+ Click on ‘Start’

+ Join Telegram group then click on ‘Check’ button:

+ Follow Twitter and send to Bot Your Twitter username:

+ Send to Bot Your email address that used to register Jebit Exchange Account above then click on ‘Confirm’ button

+ Send to Bot Your JBT wallet address that copied above then click on ‘Confirm’ button

+ Join Telegram group and channel (Optional):      Telegram Channel    &    Telegram Chat

– Referral Rewards: Earn extra 200 JBT Coins per referral

About Jebit Exchange

Jebit Exchange is a revolutionary crypto exchange platform with Altcoin and Fiat Support. Jebit has ultra low fees and super fast trading engine

Jebit Exchange has an utiliity token called JBT which is launched to serve as a fee on the platform

JBT can be earned stored and sold. No central autority has power over the distribution of the Token.

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