Introduction Of DeFi For You (DFY) – Become Your Own Bank

Introduction Of DeFi For You (DFY) - Become Your Own Bank

Introduction Of DeFi For You (DFY) 

What Is DeFi For You (DFY)?

DeFi For You (DFY) is a listing where by users can make pawn loans online to a worldwide market. They are basically letting you run your own online finance company with rates of your choosing. If you ever dreamed of owning your own bank well now you can. DeFi For You aims to clean up the Pawn industry using DFY smart contracts. At last Cryptocurrency has come of age. This is a world first and the market is limitless. A new decentralised loan economy on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, powered by the #DFY smart contract BEP20 token.

DeFi For You Mission And Soulution

DeFi For You has created a decentralised loan economy on the blockchain, whereby the irrefutable reputation of the individual as verifiable on the public ledger (blockchain) is combined with type and terms of collateral to create a bid and ask economy setting the interest and terms of loans. This is true decentralised finance. A traditional financial loan is inflexible and inaccessible to most people on earth. Blockchain has proven that there is a working use case in decentralising such financial services. However, blockchain also comes with anonymity and trust-less, limiting the types of loans that can be issued, because in reality, some people are more likely to pay back a loan than others. Trust and reputation still matters. DeFi For You.™ (#DFY) solves this, by moving an irrefutable, verifiable reputation system onto the blockchain and tying it together with the decentralised finance that during 2020 has become a massive industry worldwide.

DeFi For You (DFY)

DFY builds a unique and groundbreaking service platform that gives their users the opportunity to purchase goods and financial services online using the #DFY blockchain token. The #DFY token is live already today and works on both the legacy blockchain (Ethereum ERC 20) as well as on the just new state-of-the-art blockchain Binance Smart Chain™ (BEP20 which is 100% code compatible with the Ethereum blockchain ERC-20). #Binance DeFi software base protocol has exceeded expectations from both quality and performance perspective. The migration from ERC-20 is seamless. As Ethereum struggle with scaling and will do so for another few years to come, they expect the Binance Smart Chain™ to become a Ethereum “killer from a technical and adoption perspective. There are 3 standards of DeFi tokens, BSC = Binance Smart Chain™ (BEP20), this is the base protocol where they build smart contracts on. There will be two token standards for the DEX trading (BP2 and BP8). Over time DFY will more than likely run a combination of the two.

DFY Services

PAWN: High value goods can be pawned on the DeFi For You.™ platform instead of spurious local pawn-shops.

SELL: Save up to 50% on sales taxes and luxury goods.

BUY: New purchase of goods and service will be made using the #DFY token.

RENT: Save up to 40% on rental taxes and luxury goods and services using the #DFY token.

DFY Leadership

DeFi For You (DFY)

DeFi For You – DFY Token Information

Token Name: DeFi For You

Ticker: DFY

Decimals: 18

The token is issued as an BEP20 compatible token on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

Contract address: 0xF3ee8E63Ea00393253D1AC3c8CaCE5d8Ef680382

Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 DFY

Initial circulating supply: 350,000,000 DFY

DeFi For You – DFY Token Distribution

The initially issued and sold ERC-20 tokens will automatically be transferred over to the Binance Smart Chain™ (#BEP20 blockchain).

Total amount of #DFY tokens issued (100%) = 1 billion:

  • DFY Tokens released to seed investors (5%) = 50 million
  • DFY Tokens available for sale (30%) = 300 million
  • DFY Tokens available for R&D, marketing and cost of sales (30%) = 300 million
  • DFY Tokens available for team, founders and future hires (15%) = 150 million
  • DFY Tokens Locked in DeFi For You.™ Treasury for 5 years by smart contract (20%) = 200 million

Demand for DeFi quality assets is increasing rapidly. They are expecting a significant demand from a market looking for quality DeFi token investments. DeFi For You.™ and #DFY lead the future of DeFi using #Binance blockchain technology.

Pending future demand they might release the tokens over the next 2 years at whatever the market dictates or burn what they have left to keep the token price stable.

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Whitepaper:  Whitepaper DFY

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