Stopped Payment – Introduce Elirtex HYIP Site – Profit 180% In 12 Weeks – Guide To Register Investment Account

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Introduce Elirtex HYIP Site And Guide To Register Investment Account

Stopped Payment – Introduce Elirtex HYIP Site And Guide To Register Investment Account

Get Profit 180% In 12 Weeks

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About Elirtex

What is Elirtex? 

Elirtex is an investment platform that enables online investors to increase their capital through portfolio investment in promising companies and start-ups. Our main goal is to provide our clients with a balanced and risk-protected investment portfolio consisting of innovative and progressive companies with a high level of reliability. Elirtex always focuses on quality, therefore our priority is not the number of investment directions and types of business, but the efficiency and profitability of investments. Our team levels the risks through a careful and exhaustive analysis filtering the projects. Elirtex investment portfolio includes only first-class financial assets that meet the highest criteria for getting profit in the future.

Elirtex belongs to the Elirtex Limited Group, a financial conglomerate that works in England and acts as administrator of investment assets through the management of several portfolio funds.

ELIRTEX LIMITED operates under the strict compliance of the United Kingdom’s law. You can learn the legal information on the website “United Kingdom Company House Authority.”

The United kingdom’s register number is 11426110

Main office address: 22 Old Kent Road, London, United Kingdom, SE1 5UU.

You can see the registry documents by clicking the following link:

The objective market of the company is institutional, corporate and private investors with any size of capital that are serviced by our specialists in synergy with the analysts of the company from the office in London and a new point of service for large investors in Hong Kong.

Registration number in Hong Kong – 2744304

Main Office address: Unit 1411, 14/Floor, Cosco Tower, 183 Queens Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

You can see the registration documents by clicking on the following link:

Investment Plans:

The investment policy of the company is based on the experience of the leading experts in the economic sector. Our team consists of qualified financial specialists, best analysts and experienced risk managers. A careful analysis of the market together with the detailed study of startup activities allows us to invest in the most promising projects

Information Of Investment And Withdrawal:

– Investment: 0.005 BTC – 1 BTC

– Profits: 180% for 12 weeks

– Withdrawal at any time of the day: Min. 0.002 BTC

– Rerferral Bonus: 10% – 2%

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Guide To Register Investment Account And Withdraw

– Register Investment Account At Website:    



+ Click ‘Sign Up’ on site top

+ Enter Your email

+ Check in box ‘Terms of use’

+ Click ‘Sign Up’ button

+ Check Your email and click ‘Activate Your Account’ link

+ Create Your password

+ Check in box ‘Terms of use’

+ Click ‘Continue With The Registration’ button

+ Choose ‘Send by email’ to Get A Code Card

+ Click ‘Finish The Registration’ button

– Login To Account:

+ Click ‘Setting’

+ Enter Your data and choose security form to withdraw

+ Enter Your Bitcoin (BTC) wallet address to deposit and withdraw

+ Click ‘Save’ button

– Guide To Deposit:

+ Click ‘Deposit’ button

+ At Item No. 3: Enter the BTC amount of the deposit

+ Click ‘Create Deposit’ button

+ To complete a deposit. You need to transfer the selected amount to the Bitcoin wallet address as require

– Guide To Withdraw:

+ Click ‘Withdraw’ button

+ Enter the BTC amount of the withdrawal

+ Click ‘Reinvest’ button if you want to reinvest

+ Click ‘Withdrawing To The Wallet’ button If you want to withdraw

Keep in mind that no HYIP will pay forever And Keep Your Money Safe

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