Introduce Cryptocurrencies Sobit.One Exchange. How Does Account Register?

Introduce Cryptocurrencies Sobit.One Exchange. How Does Account Register?
Introduce Cryptocurrencies Sobit.One Exchange. How Does Account Register?

Introduce Cryptocurrencies Sobit.One Exchange. How Does Account Register?

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What are and Sobit Token (SBT)? are committed to building the first “User-owned” digital assets exchange

Sobit Token (SBT) is a proof of all rights to the Sobit platform, with a total supply amount of 10 billion, never added

– SBT will be issued primarily in the form of trans-fee mining + community awards + institutional private placements

SBT Allocation


– Total supply: 10,000,000,000 SBT (10 bilions SBT)

– Circulating supply: Mining + Private placement release + Team release + Marketing promotion

– Frozen SBT: All frozen and unfrozen SBT enjoy quasi-equity interests


– Trans-fee mining: 49%

– Private sale: 5%

– Team: 20%

– Promotion + Partnerships: 20%

– Community fund: 16%

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How does SBT use? And what are some Awesome Benefits for User?

Share Holding And Community Autonomy

– All users holding a number of SBT in the Sobit platform, according to the circulating supply ratio, have the corresponding quasi-equity rights*(dividend, voting rights, right to know, etc.)

*Quasi-equityNon-legal equity, only enjoy the right to reciprocal owner‘s equity, but do not assume legal responsibilities and obligations.

Dividend Distribution:

– Sobit will allocate their 100% platform profit to All SBT Holder hold more than 1000 SBT

* Example: If user “A” holds SBT and it accounts for 1% of the circulating supply. User “A” can enjoy 1% of the dividend right.

If the platform profit (daily income – daily average cost) is 100 BTC. User “A” can receive 1 BTC dividend.

+ Daily income: including all the income such as the listing fee, transaction fee, withdrawal fee, advertising fee, etc.

+ Daily average cost: including daily average labor, site, server equipments, advertising costs, etc.

Rights and obligations details:

– SBT Holder hold less than 1000 SBT: Does not enjoy any rights

– SBT Holder hold more than 1000 SBT and less than 20000 SBT: only enjoys the dividend

– SBT Holder hold equal and more than20000 SBT: Enjoy all types of quasi-equity rights

* Sobit will establish a community for all users with more than 20,000 SBT in order to exercise their rights and assume obligations:

+ The community of Sobit will release upcoming features, future plans, industry news, etc.

+ Users can communicate with Sobit executives online, vote for Sobit-related major decisions, participate in Sobit new projects and get community payments. (eg:recommending listing for referral fees; participating in customer service, translation, bugs reporting, establishing cooperation relationship with potential business partners , etc.) Also, can make friends with other blockchain enthusiasts and industry celebrities.

+ The community will regularly publish Sobit financial statement for users to supervise.

+ Users are obliged to keep internal information confidential and may not use asymmetric information to impair the platform and other user rights.

+ SBT holders can freely choose to join or leave the community at any time.

+ The minimum amount required to join the community is to hold 20,000 SBT, freeze it to join or unfreeze it to quit. The frozen amount is changeable.

Frozen SBT/ Circulating supply = voting power ratio. The minimum frozen amount is 20,000 SBT.

+ The SBT will be unfrozen if users quitted the community

+ Join the community to enjoy all types of quasi-equity rights and assume the obligation to keep confidential and resist unfair competition.

+ Community users will have one-on-one customer service.

Community autonomy:

– Sobit will also establish a dedicated community platform, set up a community rewards fund and related mission system. The reward will be given back to community developers and other teams and individuals who have made significant contributions to the community. While improving the security technology and community cohesion, users will truly become a member of Sobit, and grow together with Sobit.

Trans-Fee Mining 

– Sobit will refund their 80% transaction fee income to users on the second day in SBT.

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SBT Core Team

* CEO – Hong Dong: Senior product expert, good at product design. Strong, heroic. His speech is fast and his logic is great. Like new things

* COO – Lancelot: Intellectual, almost have read all the books. His meeting is alway full of new knowledge and fun. He is the guarantee for the success of SBT team

* CTO – Adam: This mad programmer is obsessed with the efficiency of program under extreme conditions. He like yacht but can’t swim. He is a very NICE partner

* Investor Relation – Silvia: The mystery woman is well versed in finance and rarely work in the office. But if SBT team has financial problems, she must be the first person they inquired

* UI Designer – Kaede: The UI Designer Leader is full of oriental style. He like to make new colleagues, to mingle with the people

* Market Director – Jason: Good appetite, visionary and trustworthy. Cute and fun, he can stay at office for a whole day

* Community Manager – Sarah: She is a real party queen, smart and talented, everybody  knows her in this city

SBT Roadmap

Some Strength Features 

– Fast Transactions: Up to 2 milions times per secon ensured an elegant and comfortable trading experience

– Highly Safe Platform: The process guarante 95% cold wallet processing of digital asset, multipe audit, offline signature and multipe key co-management to ensure to your funds are safe

– Autonomical: User-centric and community centric

– Simple: To Use Trading Platform With Advance Charting Tools by Tradingview

– An Easy To Use User Interface


With the Features and Awesome Benefits for User in the next time, I think SBT is a breakthrough in Exchanges field. The development potential of SBT in the future is very big and it will takeprofit to investors

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How Does Account Register And Buy SBT?

Register Your Account At Here:

– Enter Your email and Create password

– Check in the box ‘I agree to theTerms of Use’

– Click ‘Send Verification Code’

– Check Your email to get code and paste code to click the ‘Register’ button

Buy SBT:

– Login Your account and choose ‘Markets’ tab: You can choose to buy SBT by the pair SBT/BTC and SBT/ETH trading pairs

Social Media:

– Twitter:

– Telegram group:

– Medium:

– Reddit:

Introduce Cryptocurrencies Sobit.One Exchange. How Does Account Register? – Sharer
Guide To Get SBT Free, Click Here
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