Buzzex Cryptocurrency Exchange – Introduce And Guide To Register Account

Buzzex Cryptocurrency Exchange - Introduce And Guide To Register Account

Buzzex Cryptocurrency Exchange – Introduce And Guide To Register Account

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What are Buzzex and Buzzex Coin (BZX)?

Buzzex has been built from the ground up for over a year and is ready to take the cryptocurrency world by storm. Their team exists out of numerous blockchain experts that have experience in the cryptocurrency world for many years. Their passion and experience will bring Buzzex to the next level, and with the help of global ambassadors, Buzzex will introduce cryptocurrencies to all parts of the world, all to help grow the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Buzzex are obliged to offer a highly secure and fast-performing trading platform that rewards traders, and look forward to welcome millions of traders worldwide to enjoy the ultimate trading experience.

Buzzex Coin (BZX) is a proof of all rights to the Buzzex platform, with a initial supply amount of 750 million. The ultimate goal of BZX is to become the number one used coin in the world. For this, Buzzex need to have some sort of inflation rate. Buzzex has set the inflation rate at 3.5% the first year which then gradually decreases yearly. Thus as the supply of BZX grows each year the inflation percentage would decrease each year as well

Buzzex Coin specifications:

+Initial Supply: 750,000,000

+ Block Size: 2 MB

+ Block Time: 60 Seconds

+ Transactions: 154 Tx/Sec

+ Mining: Proof of Stake (POS)

+ Block Reward: 50 BZX Per Block

+ Rewards: 60% Masternodes – 20% POS – 20% Governance Protocol

+ Masternode Collateral: 10,000 BZX


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How does BZX use? And what are some Awesome Benefits for User?

BZX be used on the Buzzex Platform to:

Get up to 100% discount on trading fees

In order to get the discount on trading fees, members must hold a certain amount of BZX in their Buzzex wallet.

Here is an overview of how much discount BZX holders will get for holding a particular amount of coins:

Trade them for all other coins on the Buzzex Exchange

BZX can be unlocked at any time after the initial transaction mining period and since they will be a base currency on the Buzzex exchange, they will have their own trading pairs with all other coins listed on the exchange. That means BZX will trade for hundreds of cryptocurrencies.

Cast votes to get new coins listed

BZX holders can vote based on how many coins they hold. Here is an overview of how it works:

+Hold 20,000 BZX and you can cast 1 vote

+ Cast 1 more vote for every additional 10,000 coins you hold

+ Votes count as long as you hold 20,000 or more BZX

+ Once a coin you voted for gets listed, your voting power is returned back to you to vote again!

Earn daily Dividends 

40% (out of 80% revenue share as dividend payments) of the total profits of the Buzzex Platform will be used to pay dividends to members holding at least 20,000 BZX. The amount of dividends will be based on the amount of BZX that you hold.


+ 50 million coins are locked by qualifying members (holding more than 20K BZX)

+ You hold 100,000 BZX

+ $50,000 worth of trading fees are distributed to qualifying members daily

+ You earn 100,000 / 50,000,000 * $50,000 = $100 per day

The minimum amount of BZX to hold in your Buzzex wallet to qualify for dividend payout is 20,000 and the amount of coins you hold above this number will be used as a base metric to calculate your share of earnings. Earnings are distributed automatically once per day, based on the amount of the coins you hold at 12 pm CET.

Receive weekly Airdrops of dividend earning ACTs

40% (out of 80% revenue share as dividend payments) will be used for the ADZbuzz Daily Profit share. ADZbuzz members, who own ADZbuzz Community Tokens (ACTs) qualify for daily profit share. Members that hold more than 20,000 BZX will receive an airdrop of ACT’s (ADZbuzz Community Tokens). These ERC20 tokens represent ownership of communities on our partner site and they earn owners daily dividends as well. 40% of total revenue from trading fees on the Buzzex platform will be distributed to the ADZbuzz daily profit share; meaning that people holding 20,000 BZX or more will grow their crypto portfolio even bigger, and additionally earn daily dividends from this source as well. Once a week, an airdrop of ACTs will take place and the amount of tokens you receive will be calculated the same way as it is for the daily dividends on the Buzzex Platform

Get Staking Rewards

People holding any amount of BZX in their offline wallet can earn daily mining rewards for helping to secure the BZX network. 20% of the mining reward plus the network transaction fees would be distributed to people staking the coin.

Get Masternode Rewards

People setting up BZX masternodes will be able to earn from 60% of the mining rewards for helping to instantly verify BZX transactions. People will be able to set up masternodes when holding 10,000 BZX to earn rewards.

Some Strength Features

Enhanced Security System:

The process guarante cold wallet processing of digital asset.

Integrated 2-FA verification to perform functions such as login, account details change, trading and withdrawals.

High Performing Trading Engine:

Buzzex Platform is able to handle millions of trades per second

An elegant and comfortable trading experience

Prevents traders from losing out on trades due to laggy infrastructure

 Simple And An Easy To Use User Interface

To Use Trading Platform With Advance Charting Tools by Tradingview

BZX Road Map

BZX Core Team And Advisors

BZX Core Team:

BZX Advisors:


With the Features and Awesome Benefits for User in the next time, I think BZX is a breakthrough in Exchanges field. The development potential of BZX in the future is very big and it will takeprofit to investors

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How Does Account Register And Buy BZX?

Instruction, As Below:

– Register BZX Account At Here:            

+ Click ‘Sign Up’ tab at site top

+ Enter Your email

+ Check in box ‘Recaptcha’ and click ‘Join Buzzex Now’ button

+ Check Your email and click link confirmation

+ Check Your email to get login link  and temporary password (You can change password after login Your account)

Note: At Now, Buzzex is opening Airdrop program to give 100 free BZX Coins to user after registered account and completed ID  verification 

– Buy BZX Coin: Login Your Account

+ Change password, click the link:

+ Verify account to withdraw, click the link:

+ Buy BZX Coin, click the link:

Choose BZX/BTC or BZX/ETH or BZX/USDT pair You want to buy and complete order


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Guide To Get BZX Free, Click Here
For More Information Other Exchange Platform, Click Here
For Get More $$$/Tokens/Coins Free, Click Here 

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