IntelliShare Airdrop INE Token – Earn Free 20 INE Tokens

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IntelliShare Airdrop INE Token - Earn Free 20 INE Token

IntelliShare Airdrop INE Token – Earn Free 20 INE Tokens

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IntelliShare Airdrop INE Token, Tutorial As Below

Step 1: Register IntelliShare Airdrop Account

– Register account at:

– Enter Your email address and create login password

– Click on ‘Click to verify’: Complete verification

– Click on ‘Get Code’ then open Your email to get email code

– Enter Your email code

– Enter Your country code and phone number then click on ‘Register’ button

Step 2: Login To Your Account To Get 20 INE Tokens

– Login Your account

– Click on ‘Join Now’: Enter Your ETH wallet address and submit

– Join Telegram group:

– Next: Send to @inekj (Telegram account): Your email address and phone number that registered INE account

– Click on ‘Withdrawal’: Check Your balance. You will be got 20 INE Tokens into Your account. To withdraw: You must complete withdrawal certification

– Join Telegram group and channel (Optional):      Telegram Channel    &    Telegram Chat

Step 3: Referral Rewards

– Click on ‘Referral’: then click on ‘Exclusive promotion link’ to get Your referral link

– Earn extra 20 INE Tokens per referral

About IntelliShare

IntelliShare is an early project of the new blockchain different from Bitcoin and Ethereum. It is the infrastructure of value Internet. It has technical entities such as chips, small base stations and super routers, and continuously implements various blockchain value network businesses. If Bitcoin is digital gold and Ethereum is mother of coins, then INE is the mother coin of implementation; At present, IntelliShare has been launched on the BitForex, DeBi, and EXX trading platforms, and INE has been appreciating. Immediately participate in the registration of IntelliShare official website welfare program: – Register and paste ETH wallet address to get 20 INE – Get 20 INE/referral IntelliShare is an underlying network protocol ecosystem based on blockchain. It is another value network infrastructure parallel to the Internet, which can realize blockchain ecological network, networkless communication, Internet of Things and transportation network more safely and at lower cost, thereby opening a new track with different distributed power models of the blockchain: distributed network. IntelliShare has received tens of millions of investment in 9 institutions around the world. Its core Mesh network and blockchain fusion technology is publicly optimistic by Vitalik Buterin and Kevin Kelly

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