IndexRiders Crypto Airdrop Program – Get Free 1,500 BBD Tokens

IndexRiders Crypto Airdrop Program - Get Free 1,500 BBD Tokens

IndexRiders is launching a Crypto Airdrop program for community. Join the Airdrop and complete the tasks, You will have a chance to get free 1,500 BBD Tokens. BBD has listed on Coindeal exchange. 

IndexRiders Crypto Airdrop BBD Tokens – Tutorial As Below

Go to the Airdrop page:

Enter Your data to register then connect Your social account

Complete the social tasks and create  IndexRiders account to earn entries. You will get a total of 14 entries.

Share Your referral link to get more entries. You will get 1 entry for each referral up to a maximum of 20 referrals.

Twenty participants will be randomly selected to get free 1,500 BBD Tokens each. The rewards will be distributed to your IndexRiders account within seven days after the end of the Airdrop program.

About IndexRiders

IndexRiders is a game where one player, for their own profit, rewards another for their good deeds. All the player needs to do is predict 1 of 100 possible BTC prices (in range fo 100, radius +/- 50 from the BTC price, for a particular time – depending on which one of games you choose to play)

So what has game IndexRiders got to do with saving the planet? Together with game, they created Mother Earth Guardians (MEG) – a community of like-minded people, passionate about serving the planet. By using Percentino Fruits bought on the MARKET from MEG, you are automatically rewarding them for their environmental services for Mother Earth, and maximizing your winnings up to 400%.

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