iBlock Games Airdrop – Earn $30 Of IBG Tokens Free

iBlock Games Airdrop - Earn $30 Of IBG Tokens Free

iBlock Games Is Launching The Crypto Airdrop Campaign To Community. Join The iBlock Games Airdrop And Complete Tasks To Earn 3,000 IBG Tokens Free With An Estimated Value Of $30.  

iBlock games game is the second largest cryptocurrency application market in the world after exchange. The game market include different types of game playing methods, such as leisure chess, sports guessing, crypto kitties, etc.

iBlock Games Airdrop IBG Tokens Tutorial 

Chat With Crypto Airdrop Telegram Bot

Chat with Airdrop Bot: https://t.me/iBlockGamesAirdropBot

Click on ‘Start’ >>> ‘Join Airdrop’: do tasks

Join Telegram group and channel: https://t.me/iBlockGames    &    https://t.me/airdropo

Follow on Twitter page: https://twitter.com/iBlockGames8888

Register account on website with Your email: https://iblock.games

Follow Twitter page and retweet the Airdrop tweet: https://twitter.com/cryptotownEU

After completed tasks, click on ‘Submit My Details’

Send Your Telegram username, Twitter profile link, email address that registered account on iBlock Games website to Bot.

You will earn 3,000 IBG Tokens free ~ $30 after Airdrop ends.

Referral Rewards Of Airdrop

Click on ‘Statistics’ to get Your referral link. Share Your link to invite people to The IBG Airdrop campaign, You will get extra 200 IBG Tokens ~ $2 per referral

About iBlock Games (IBG)

iBlock Games (IBG) is committed to becoming the world’s top blockchain game platform.

IBG makes full use of blockchain technology to provide a set of interesting, novel and multi coins online game and entertainment system for blockchain enthusiasts and cryptocurrency players.

IBG firmly believes that the value of the platform is created by users, so they will give back the profits of the platform to investors and players to build the prosperity and development of IBG community.

Get More Free Crypto Airdrop

If You want to join other Airdrop campaigns and get free Crypto, You can go to the our page of Airdrop & Bounty to find out more and don’t forget:

Like our Facebook page and share (Optional)

Join our Telegram group and Telegram channel (Optional)

Good luck,

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