Hypersonic Network Airdrop H2N Token – Receive 240 H2N Tokens Free ~ $24

Hypersonic Network Airdrop H2N Token - Receive 240 H2N Tokens Free ~ $24

Hypersonic Network Airdrop H2N Token – Receive 240 H2N Tokens Free ~ $24

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Hypersonic Network Airdrop H2N Token – Tutorial As Below

Step 1: Chat With Telegram Bot

– Chat with H2N Bot: https://t.me/HypersonicN_bot

– Click on ‘Start’

– Next: Press on ‘Airdrop’: Do tasks

– Join Telegram group: https://t.me/HYPERSONIC_Network

– Follow Twitter page and retweet the pinned tweet with comment: https://twitter.com/HypersonicH2N

– Like Facebook page (optional): https://www.facebook.com/HypersonicNetwork

– Follow Reddit page (optional): https://www.reddit.com/user/hypersonic_network

– Next: Press on ‘Submit Your All Information’

– Send Your Telegram username, Twitter username, retweet link and email address to Bot

– Next: Press on ‘My Wallet’: Send Your ETH wallet address

Step 2: Receive 15 H2N Tokens Free Every 24 Hours

– Press on ‘Claim 15 H2N’: receive extra 15 H2N Tokens free. You can claim 15 H2N Tokens every 24 hours

– Press on ‘My Balance’: Check Your H2N Token balance

Step 3: Referral Rewards

– Press on ‘Referral’ to get Your referral link

– Earn extra 50 H2N Tokens ~ $5 per referral

– Like Facebook page and share (Optional): https://www.facebook.com/share.airdrop.bounty.campaigns

– Join Telegram group and channel (Optional):      Telegram Channel    &    Telegram Chat

– Follow Twitter page (Optional): https://twitter.com/Cryptokiemtien2

About Hypersonic Network

Hypersonic network is an experimental ERC20 token deployed on Ethereum Blockchain. H2N is the latest collaborative decentralized Ethereum blockchain based platform that is most efficient blockchain for the Token economy. H2N is a platform created for buyers and sellers all over the world.

The main mission of Hypersonic Network (H2N) to provide safe and secure transaction using ETHEREUM blockchain platform. Maximum Token in the crypto market is using ETHEREUM blockchain. The safest way to do transaction and we are following same method to grow the Hypersonic network economy. Moreover we have a smart quality able Token that will deal with world largest exchange platform. Hypersonic Network will create huge market capitalization and will provide people good solution to use the best ETHEREUM Token based platform. owever Hypersonic Network is given away chance to high scale trading platform, wherever people will trade to create revolution to grow the Token economy, and help people to grow their wealth.

* Learn more information at:  https://hypersonic-network.info

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