How will DIP Project redefine the art industry?

How will DIP Project redefine the art industry?

How will DIP Project redefine the art industry?

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In the past year, the demand for jobs in blockchain industry has increased by 60 times, which demonstrate a tremendous change in the market structure of various industries. In the coming year, the art market will embrace the changes brought by blockchain technology either.

DIP Project ( aims to build a blockchain art culture community that integrates art education, artist incubation, IP protection, art curation and art life, creating the entire economic ecology based on a distributed art industry chain. The upcoming DIPToken is a blockchain asset used to stimulate the construction of the whole art digital community, as well as improve the decentralized payment system. In addition, other applications of DIP Project are under development.

DIP guarantees the authenticity of artwork through blockchain technology

Through distributed technology and image recognition technology, DIP can get the source of each piece of artwork and help to combat with the forgeries.

So far, there are so many problems existing in the art industry. Most importantly, artworks are easy to be copied and pirated, which will lead to the decrease of its value the market prospect. But by the technology of blockchain, DIP can create a better authentication system which provides an unalterable source record and authentication to solve it.

DIP makes transactions more transparent

With the popularity of art, transaction transparency has become a non-negligible problem.

Each artist and artwork has an unique ID that is allowed to validate and protect every transaction in the art market. By putting these smart contracts on DIPChain, it would be impossible for anyone else to manipulate or verify any details of artworks. As we all know, the current market is not so transparent, but DIPChain can make it comes true by the blockchain technology to ensure that the data cannot be verified. At the same time, it also can protect the identity of the collector.

DIP leads the global art community revolution

Large art galleries and auction houses have already occupied a dominant position in the existed business, which also means there will be no chance for the young artists to display their artworks. While DIP art community will be more flexible to allow young artists to realize their art dreams.

For the growth pattern of young artists, they will not only choose investors, but also find ways to make themselves more commercial. Marketing methods are also the part of what young artists need to learn. Art loses its original value. DIP will introduce artists and their works to a new approach– the blockchain art community.

For example, DIP is building an UGC platform to promote all parties involved in the art industry to produce more original content. Anyone who makes contribution to this platform can receive incentive tokens. Writers can get incentive tokens by writing articles, while others can get tokens by commenting or clinking like on these articles. All these incentives will attract relative members to get involved in the ecosystem of DIP Project.

DIP makes art more democratic

The business model of the art market is almost the same as that of the real estate market. Huge profits are in the hands of intermediaries. At present, intermediaries in the art industry usually take a 40% cut of the entire transaction, while DIP will cutdown the profits and give the profits to incentive the users on our platform.

There is no doubt that reducing intermediaries will play an important role in promoting the connection between the public, the high-end buyers and artists. The art industry also needs DIP to bring young artists a brighter future.

Under the influence of DIP Project, the art market is undergoing tremendous changes brought about by blockchain technology. Global art sales are growing at $5.7 billion annually, accounting for 12% of the overall market. Under the overall favorable trend of the art market, DIP is taking advantage of the trend and actively constructing applications based on blockchain. DIP will continue to improve the art community as well as help hatch more young artists. It is the unchanging mission of DIP Project to focus on the cutting-edge ideas and original culture of young artists and promote the trend of young people in contemporary art.

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