Hbdaex Exchange Airdrop Tutorial – Register To Earn $145 Free

Hbdaex Exchange Airdrop Tutorial - Register To Earn $145 Free

Hbdaex Exchange Airdrop Tutorial – Register To Earn $145 Free

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Hbdaex Exchange Airdrop Tutorial, As Below

– Register Hbdaex Exchange Account At HERE

+ Register by Your phone number or email

+ Choose Your country

+ Enter Your phone number or email

+ Create login password

+ Click ‘Authentication Code’ and check Your phone number or email to get code

+ Enter Your code and click ‘Next Step’ button

+ Create trade code

+ Click ‘Next Step’ button

– Login Your account:

+ Click ‘Real name auth’ tab or link https://www.hbdaex.com/ModifyMember/senior_verify and complete ID verification

+ Click ‘MyKOKcy’ tab or link https://www.hbdaex.com/AccountManage/my_kokcy to check balance Your assets: You have been got $145

About Hbdaex Exchange

Huayin Digital Asset Exchange (Hbdaex) is a global professional digital asset trading platform headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. The exchange has obtained the national license of the “Digital Currency Exchange” issued by the Thai government and is one of the most authoritative, legal, efficient and transparent digital currency trading institutions in the industry.

The team has a number of top security technology experts, self-built multiple cloud data centers, using the same level of security technology and active and standby data containment solutions with NASDAQ, comprehensively guarantee asset security, and use KUBERNETS scheduling technology to achieve ” “Second-speed trading” and 2 minutes of quick withdrawal, support thousands of people to operate online at the same time, bringing the ultimate experience for users.

Relying on the advantages of its own enterprises and professionals, Huayin Digital Asset Exchange has always maintained rapid development and has attracted the attention and trust of global investors. Its business scope has been extended to various fields such as trading, media and scene technology, and it focuses on creating “1”. The +5″ ecosystem, that is, the transaction-centered, actively explores five major sectors, such as media, payment, community, intelligence, and public welfare foundation research, to provide customers with more professional, safe, efficient, and convenient quality services.

The Bank of China Digital Asset Exchange is mainly for global users, providing many mainstream digital asset trading services such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and is committed to creating a secure, transparent, honest and efficient blockchain digital asset trading platform.

* For more information at: https://www.hbdaex.com

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Airdrop & Bounty Tutorial For Newbie, Click Here

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