GXT Global And KTSGroup Airdrop – Earn $300 In USDT Rewards

GXT Global And KTSGroup Airdrop - Earn $300 In USDT Rewards

KTSGroup and GXT Global are together to launching AMA and Airdrop program on Wednesday, 2020/12/23 19:00 GMT+7. Join AMA and Airdrop program, You will have a chance to earn $300 in USDT rewards. 

GXT Global And KTSGroup Airdrop – Tutorial As Below

Airdrop On KTSGroup Twitter – Share $200 In USDT Rewards

Follow KTS Group  and GXT Global on Twitter (Mandatory): https://twitter.com/ktsgroup_io   &  https://twitter.com/GlobalGxt

Like and retweet this tweet (Mandatory): https://twitter.com/ktsgroup_io/status/1341228473084329986/photo/1

Place Your questions as comment about GXT Global on this tweet (Mandatory): https://twitter.com/ktsgroup_io/status/1341228473084329986/photo/1

Rewards: 10 best questions from twitter will share $200 in USDT rewards

Join Quiz Game On KTSGroup Telegram To Win $100 Of Prizes

When AMA starts: Join AMA on Telegram group and participate quiz game with admin: https://t.me/ChatKTS

Rewards: 5 best answers will share $100 in USDT rewards

Note: AMA will host on Wednesday, 23 of December 19:00 GMT+7

About KTSGroup 

KTSGroup is the biggest cryptocurrency community in Vietnam with over than 80,000 members. KTS Group prouds of being one of the pioneers with a team of strong experienced people in blockchain and cryptocurrency, expertise in building marketing plan for blockchain companies, especially in Vietnam Crypto Market. Moreover, with biggest communities and KOLs in Vietnam, they can support projects to promote efficiently. Besides, KTSGroup have relationship with different exchanges to provide project listing service with reasonable fee.

KTSGroup aim is becoming the best crypto media agencies and marketing services in Vietnam and South East Asia.

KTSGroup provides services:

Provide the signals for trading of crypto, forex and stock

Online and Offline events organizing: AMA on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook; Organize in-depth events on crypto-specific topics and blockchain in general; Meetup events meet celebrities; Meetup event for projects.

Promotion And Marketing: Reviewing and analysing the project, making master marketing strategy; Pulishing articles on website and media partners; Planning and executing Media plans in different platforms and channels; Writing review; Making videos; Designing infographic banners; and other…

Community building: Being the project’s representative in Vietnam; Building community in social media such as Facebook, Telegram, etc; Managing and update the project information to community; Interacting with community to learn the demand and feedback.

KTSGroup supports projects to list on exchanges

About GXT Global

GXT is a global company headquartered in Singapore that conducts business with overseas companies in a total of 7 countries including Dubai, India, Virgin Islands, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Kazakhstan. The main countries of use are Japan, China, Vietnam, and Korea, and are used in a total of 20 countries.

GXT Global is the platform that brings together services and exchanges, which are essential components of the token economy

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