Graduation means unemployment?

Graduation means unemployment?

Graduation means unemployment?

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As is known to all, young artists are the future of art, but in reality, most young artists are lack of attention in the art market. Therefore, how to transform creative artworks into real economic value is the most important thing that young artists considered about, and it is also the most direct reason that why young artists must have the ability to deal with the art market.

Nowadays, young artists are in a special environment.

From the perspective of learning background, those artists who were born in the 1970s are subject to strict training compared to their predecessors, some of them graduated directly from formal art colleges. In addition, there are some young artists who graduated from other comprehensive universities.

With the expansion of colleges and universities in recent years, the disciplines of art have been widely established, attracting more and more young people to join the art industry. However, compared with the predecessors, the pressure faced by young artists is more obvious.

The existence of the art academy system is a unique phenomenon in the Chinese art field. Although the painters in the art academy system has left many important artworks in the history of modern and contemporary art, the income of the academic painters came from the distribution of the state system. Therefore, there is no close connection between the supply and demand with the contribution of individual creativity, showing a state of “de-professionalization”.

Under the planned economic system in the past, the students graduated from art academies were assigned to the designated painting institutes. However, with the implementation of the market economy, the graduation distribution system has disappeared. The young painters who can enter the art academy system are rather rare, which has become a realistic problem for young artists.

“Graduation means unemployment” has become popular among many art students.

Under the pressure of reality, there are few young artists persisting in art creation. Many students choose to change careers after graduation, which is a helpless choice for them.

For the young people with an artist dream, they don’t have other choice but to embark on the path of freelance artists. Although opportunities seem to be everywhere for these freelance artists, these opportunities are insignificant relative to the large group of young artists.

In recent years, the major art districts across the country have become the base camp of these young artists, who were called “Beijing drifters” and “Shanghai drifters”. When they struggled with life, they have to compete with their peers for the limited art resources at the same time, which definitely becomes the biggest challenge for them.

At the moment, another dilemma faced by young artists is reflected in the market environment. Before the Chinese art market fell into an adjustment phase, the artworks of well-known artists reached a new height in the auctions, creating one and another sky-high prices, which reflects the art market is extremely hot. But it all seems to have returned to the starting point overnight.

Since the second half of 2012, the art market of China has gradually cooled down, and many investors who were optimistic about the art field are departing from the art market. In this case, young artists have to get over a narrower route.

It is undeniable that the development of China’s art market is immature, and one of the most important problems is that the speed of the art market development is too fast, which is beyond imagination, while the construction of industry norms lags far behind it, which brings many chaos.

But through the efforts of DIP Project, we will build the positive improvement and norms of the art market to solve this dilemma.  DIP Project has set up DIP Foundation to help young artists, as well as promote the healthy development of the global art market, create a DIP community ecology. DIP Foundation will spare no effort to solve the survival problems and improve the creation environment of the young artists.

The growth of young artists is a gradual process, and DIP will be dedicated to boost the process. DIP aims at gathering 500 famous galleries and 700,000 art lovers on our platform, as well as cultivate 80,000 young artists. So far, DIP has confirmed partnerships with Elizabeth foundation of arts, The Art Students League, UNESCO, Gallrie’D ARTE, AZART GALLERY, New York Gateway art center, New York Academy of Art, Sotheby’s Institute of Art, etc.

Artists always need a place or platform to display. DIP community will not only provide a bigger platform for these young artists, but also gives them a real interactive place for them to have fun together.

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