Glad Crypto Airdrop Tutorial – Earn 100 GLAD Tokens – Worth The $10

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Glad Crypto Airdrop Tutorial - Earn 100 GLAD Tokens Free - Worth The $10

Glad Crypto Airdrop Tutorial – Earn 100 GLAD Tokens – Worth The $10

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Glad Crypto Airdrop Tutorial, As Below

– Join Glad Airdrop At:

+ Tap on ‘Sign Up’

+ Enter Your name, email

+ Create login password

+ Check in box ‘reCAPTCHA’

+ Tap on ‘Sign Up’ button

+ Check Your email to verify account

– Login Your account:

+ Scroll under down dashboard: Check in box ‘I am sure this ethereum address is correct and it is mine’ and input Your ETH wallet address and tap on ‘Save’ button

+ Choose ‘Airdrop’ section on left of dashboard to complete tasks

+ Join Telegram group and channel:   &

+ Follow Twitter and tweet & retweet:

+ Input Your Telegram, Twitter username and tap on ‘Save’

+ Join Telegram group and channel (Optional):       Telegram Channel    &    Telegram Chat

– Referral Rewards: Earn extra 15 GLAD Tokens ~ $1.6 per referral

About Glad

GLAD is a ERC20 based token which will be used in GLAD platform for Online Advertising. We are building a holistic, distributed advertising platform based on blockchain. GLAD offers to buyer and seller side advanced Distributed DSP, SSP and DMP platforms which will work on all devices.

As technology developed, like all habits; the methods of digital advertising has changed in terms of displaying, selling and purchasing. Advertisers explored the new features and advantages of Digital Platforms and has been moving from traditional to digital as they experience the benefits of the new advertising era.

With full-stack Distributed DSP platform GLAD do not address only advertisers rather it addresses all buyer side such as media agencies and trade desks and do not exclude them in programmatic advertising circle. We are developing a full-stack Distributed DSP platform for all buyers so they can get their own advanced Distributed DSP and reach millions of publishers directly.

GLAD offers full-stack Distributed SSP platform to publishers and ad networks to manage their inventories and achieve maximum revenue from their ad spaces. Publishers who has high traffic and ad networks can get their own Distributed SSP platform with full transparency to monitor performance of their inventory

* For more information, click at:

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