Fomo2moon Lottery Game Tutorial – With Only $0.2 To Win Prizes Up To 9,000 ETH ~ Than $1 Million

Fomo2moon Lottery Game Tutorial - With Only $0.2 To Win Prizes Up To 9,000 ETH ~ Than $1 Million

Fomo2moon Lottery Game Tutorial – With Only $0.2 To Win Prizes Up To 9,000 ETH ~ Than $1 Million

Fomo2moon (F2M) Lottery Game Tutorial, As Below

– Step 1: Open Chrome browser of Google. (If You don’t have it yet. You can install at the Chrome browser)

– Step 2: Install and setup Metamask Wallet in Chrome browser and/or Trust Wallet (IOS or Android on your mobile phone); You can watch the install and use Metamask wallet tutorial at these videos:

Install And Setup MetaMask:

Using MetaMask:

– Step 3: Transfer 0.1 Ethereum (ETH) To Your Metamask Wallet

+ After Metamask wallet is successfully install in Chrome browser, You can transfer 0.1 ETH from Your ETH wallet to Your Metamask wallet or import Your ETH wallet address into Metamask wallet to use that ETH

– Step 4: Register Fomo2moon (F2M) Account

+ Open Chrome browser to login Your Metamask wallet: Tap on ‘Metamask wallet’ icon on the top right corner of Chrome browser to login

+ To register F2M account. You must transfer 0.1 ETH to Your Metamask wallet. After After F2M account is successfully registration, You can withdraw 0.1 ETH at any time

+ Register F2M Account on the website Fomo2Moon     :

+Tap on ‘Register A Username’ on the top right corner to register

+ Create username

+ Input Your email adress

+ Then, tap on ‘Register’ button

+ After F2M account is successfully registration. Tap on ‘Metamask wallet’ icon on the top right corner of F2M Page to connect with Your F2M account

– Step 5: Buy F2M Lottery Tickets – The F2M Ticket price is 0.002 ETH ~ $0.2

+ Login Your F2M account

+ At Ticket dashboard: Tap on ‘Buy’ button

+ Next: Input the F2M Ticket amount You want to buy. During a round, you can buy one or more F2M Ticket.

+ Next: Tap on ‘Buy’ button

+ Then: Tap on ‘Confirm’ button of  Metamask wallet to transfer ETH to Lottery Smart contract address

After transaction is successfully made, You will receive equivalent Tickets. You will see Ticket balance on right Your dashboard

– Step 6: See Results 

Every round:

+ There is only 03 (THREE) Grand Prizes up to 6,000 ETH, contained in the Grand Chest; A round ends and Lottery is drawn when 1 of the 2 Timers reaches zero (Maximum is 7 days, a round will be closed to find Winner)

+ Around 180 Winners who can win Side Prizes up to 3,000 ETH, contained in the Major Chest and Minor Chest; Each Ticket purchase above 0.1 ETH, You will draws twice for a chance to win the Side Prize in the Major Chest and a chance to win the Side Prize in Minor Chest.

+ There are 08 (EIGHT) Winners who can claim the Last-Man Bounty.

– Step 7: Withdrawal

+ When you win the Grand Prizes or Side Prizes, a button “Claim Rewards” would appear on Your Fomo2Moon dashboard. If you click on that button (and its transactions is successfully confirmed) on time, your won Prizes would be secured and ready for withdrawal to your Metamask wallet or Trust wallet.

+ To withdraw, You tap on the button “Withdraw” on Your Fomo2Moon dashboard to withdraw the amount of Current Balance to your Metamask wallet or Trust wallet

+ You are supposed to claim and withdraw Your rewards regularly or else Your rewards would be redistributed after 7 days.

About Fomo2moon Lottery Game

Fomo2moon (F2M) is a Decentralized Lottery Game running Ehereum Blockchain as a Smart Contract. It is entirely decentralized, Winner will be determined randomly from all participants per round. Lottery draws on F2M is almost perfectly fair thanks to using reliable sources of randomness.

To participate in the game You must buy Ticket per round by just send 0.002 ETH ~ $0.2 to the smart contract address

You can read extra details about Fomo2moon Lottery Game at:     Fomo2moon Decentralized Blockchain Lottery Game Reviewal

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