Flit Airdrop Token – Earn $100 In FLIT Tokens Free

Flit Airdrop Token - Earn $100 In FLIT Tokens Free

Flit Airdrop Token – Earn $100 In FLIT Tokens Free

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Flit Airdrop Token – Tutorial As Below

Step 1: Chat With Telegarm Bot

– Chat with Flittoken Airdrop Bot: https://t.me/FlittokenAirdropBot

– Click on ‘Start’ >>> ‘Continue’: Pass Human

– Join Telegram group and press on ‘Done’: https://t.me/flittoken

– Follow Flit on Twitter and send Your Twitter username to Bot: https://twitter.com/Flittoken

– Join Telegram channel and press on ‘Done’: https://t.me/airdrop6channel

– Send Your email address, ERC20 (ETH) wallet address to Flit Airdrop Bot

Step 2: Referral Rewards Of Flit Airdrop

– Earn extra 5,000 FLIT Tokens free per referral

– Like Facebook page and share (Optional): https://www.facebook.com/share.airdrop.bounty.campaigns

– Join Telegram group and channel (Optional):      Telegram Channel    &    Telegram Chat

– Follow KTSGroup (Vietnam Crytocurrency Community) on Twitter and retweet the latest tweet (Optional): https://twitter.com/ktsgroup_io

About Flittoken (FLIT)

Flit Token is a virtual currency supported by the Etheurum Blockchain, which is the largest currency in the world and fast, safe to care about will drive wealth by Etheurum tec.

Flit is evolution of world currencies. Brings a very large domain to freedom of money using strong cryptography to secure financial transactions.

Flit Token will provide a mobile wallet “Flit-Wallet” for users to easily and safely store their digital assets.

Flit Wallet also offer fee-less transaction over Flit network. Its using a centralize server to fetch user balance, transaction, sign and in near future fiat transfer facilities with support of various partners like; VISA, MasterCard, Payeer, PerfectMoney etc.

Users can interact with DApps on browsers and in the future many more devices, while still keeping their keys secure in their mobile wallet.

Integrate Flit Network Payments on your DApps with a few simple steps. Settle payments on-chain whenever needed.

Payment transactions on Flit Network can be confirmed in sub-seconds due to faster block generation times while incurring significantly lower fees. Make payments smoother and friction-free for users on your DApps.

Flit Network provides payment APIs/SDKs for DApps, merchant, and users to instantly accept or pay in crypto assets like ERC20 tokens, ETH, and others

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