Flash Protocol Airdrop Campaign – Get Free $50 Of FLP Tokens

Flash Protocol Airdrop Campaign - Get Free $50 Of FLP Tokens

Flash protocol is launching a crypto airdrop campaign to community. Join the Airdrop program and complete the tasks, You will get free 25 FLP Tokens with an estimate value of $50. 

Flash Protocol Airdrop FLP Tokens – Tutorial As Below

Chat With Telegram Bot And Complete The Social Tasks

Chat with airdrop Bot: https://t.me/Flashprotocol_bot

Click on ‘Start’: pass Captcha and click on ‘Continue’

Join Telegram channel and group:  https://t.me/joinchannel  &   https://t.me/joinchat

Follow on Twitter page and like, retweet the last tweet with comment: https://twitter.com/flash_protocol

Join Advertiser Telegram Channel: https://t.me/airdropinspector

Follow Advertiser Twitter, like & retweet Airdrop Post

After completed tasks, click on ‘Submit Details’ >>> ‘Done’: Send Your Twitter profile link, ETH wallet address to Bot

Click on ‘Balance’ to check Your FLP Token balance and get referral link.

You will get free 25 FLP Tokens ~ $50 after Airdrop ends. Tokens will be withdrawal on 20 Jan and 15 Feb 2021

Referral Rewards Of Airdrop

Share Your referral link to invite people to the Airdrop program, You will get extra 10 FLP Tokens ~ $20 per referral.

About Flash Protocol 

Flash Protocol is a multi-currency blockchain-based exchange, its offer secure global cryptocurrency p to p trading, lending and borrowing (DeFi) environment.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) do not have sufficient infrastructure or financial flexibility to offer supply chain management data to to their customers. On the other hand, customers want more information about their orders more then even. In the existing system, they only have access to basic shipping logs and estimations. Using blockchian and smart contracts, The Flash protocol (FLP) project will revolutionize supply chain management through innovative technology. Their project will provide greater transparency across the entire supply chain process to deliver trustworthy information that empowers business and consumers.

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Join our Telegram group and Telegram channel (Optional)

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