ETHSKYTRIX Airdrop On Buzzin – Get $10 Of ESKT Tokens Free

ETHSKYTRIX Airdrop On Buzzin - Get $10 Of ESKT Tokens Free

ETHSKYTRIX is launching a Crypto Airdrop campaign to giveaway ESKT Tokens to community on Buzzin Telegram Bot. Join the ETHSKYTRIX Airdrop and complete social tasks, You will get free 10 ESKT Tokens with an estimate value of $10. Step by step to claim rewards as below. 

ETHSKYTRIX Airdrop ESKT Tokens On Buzzin – Tutorial 

Chat With Telegram Bot And Complete Tasks

Chat with Airdrop Bot:

Click on ‘Start’ >>> ‘Continue to @BuzzinBot’

Next, click on ‘Start’: do tasks

Join the Telegram group and send Your Telegram username to Bot:

Visit the ETHSKYTRIX website and type something that You learned about the project

Join the Telegram channel and send Your Telegram username to Bot:

Follow on Twitter page and send Your Twitter username to Bot:

Subscribe on YouTube channel and send Your YouTube profile link to Bot:

Follow on Medium page and send Your Medium username to Bot:

Click on ‘Enter Your Ethereum Address’: send Your Ethereum (ETH) wallet address to Bot. You will get free 10 ESKT Tokens ~ $10 after Airdrop ends.

Referral Rewards Of Airdrop

Share Your referral link to invite people to the Airdrop campaign and earn extra 1.5 ESKT Tokens free ~ $1.5 per referral.


ETHSKYTRIXis the first Matrix system with working exchange token.

ETHSKYTRIX is a wealth building system Ethereum.

You can earn thousands of dollars in ETH by participating in the matrix system and building a team that does the same.

You can participate through their website or directly through their smart contract on Ethereum, ensuring no middle-man can rob you of the rewards you have earned.

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