How To Earn ETH Everyday With Fomo2moon (F2M) Lottery?

How To Earn ETH Everyday With Fomo2moon (F2M) Lottery?

How To Earn ETH Everyday With Fomo2moon (F2M) Lottery?

Four Ways To Earn ETH With F2M Lottery

F2M gives different roles to earn rewards. There are FOUR ways to earn ETH with F2M for all everyone, which corresponds with FOUR types of incomeEarly Income, Winning Income, Dividend Income and Referral Income. You can choose one or many roles:

Players who Buy F2M Tickets to earn Early Income and win the Grand Prizes or Side Prize Chests;

Token Hodlers who Buy F2M Tokens to earn passive Dividend Income;

Community Builders who refer and help friends play on F2M to earn Referral Income.

You can watch the details at this video:

What Is Early Income?

When a round starts, the faster you buy Tickets, the more you earn GUARANTEED income! Get in each round early and earn up to 300% return on investment in Tickets.

When someone buys Tickets, 22% of incoming ETH will be distributed to an Early Income Pool for all players who have purchased Tickets before that person in that round. The amount of ETH each player receives is proportionate to the ratio of your number of purchased Tickets weighted with a Early-Multiplier to the Total Early-Multiplied Number of Tickets. Theoretically, you would receive your total amount of ETH used to purchase Tickets times 22% times the Early-Multiplier.

When a round starts, the Early-Multiplier is equal 15 and then decreases over time

For example: if you purchases Tickets with 10 ETH when the Early-Multiplier is 15, then you would collectively earn equal almost 30 ETH, a.k.a. 300% return

What Is F2M Token?

F2M Token is token is issued on Ethereum ERC 20 protocol and is be launched on F2M Smart Contract. The total F2M Token supply is fixed at 8 million. F2M Token Start Price = 0.002 ETH at Round Zero

The next rounds, F2M Token Buy Price is determined mostly by the dividend-generating rate of an F2M Token, and the number of circulating Tokens.

You can buy F2M Tokens to earn passive Dividend Income, guaranteed 100% return and profit after 30 days. 10% ETH from the following sources would contribute to the Dividend Income Pool: Ticket purchase, Token purchase, Won Grand Prizes, Won Side Prizes

What Is Referral Income?

Refer and help people play to earn Referral Income, collectively up to 15% of your team’s Ticket and Token purchase. You earn 7.5% ETH of Ticket/Token buys from level 1 followers, 3.75% from level 2, and so on

How To Earn ETH Everyday With Fomo2moon (F2M) Lottery? – Register F2M Account At Here:

Tutorial Of Registration F2M Account – Click Here:    Fomo2moon Lottery Game Tutorial 

Guide To Buy F2M Ticket – Click Here:       Buy F2M Ticket

Guide To Buy F2M Token – Click Here:       Buy F2M Token

You can read extra details about Fomo2moon Lottery Game at:     Fomo2moon Decentralized Blockchain Lottery Game Reviewal

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