Earn Bitcoin (BTC) – Nexinter Giveaway $2,000 Of Bitcoin

Earn Bitcoin (BTC) - Nexinter Giveaway $2,000 Of Bitcoin

Earn Bitcoin (BTC) – Nexinter Giveaway $2,000 Of Bitcoin

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Earn Bitcoin (BTC), Tutorial As Below

Step 1: Create Nexinter Account

– Create account at: https://nexinter.com/signup

– Enter Your data, email address, create login password

– Check Your email to activate account

Step 2: Do Tasks

– Register at: https://wn.nr/g9Kc8w

– Enter Your name, email address and click on ‘Save’

– Do tasks to earn more Bitcoin (BTC)

– Like Facebook page and share (Optional): https://www.facebook.com/share.airdrop.bounty.campaigns

– Join Telegram group and channel (Optional):      Telegram Channel    &    Telegram Chat

– Follow Twitter page (Optional): https://twitter.com/Cryptokiemtien2

Step 3: Prizes

1st place – $1,000

2nd place –  $400

3rd place – $200

4th place – $100

5th – 10th place – $50

About Nexinter

Nexinter delivers the complexity of a global digital assets trading platform in a clean, user-friendly format. More importantly, every transaction is secured and legally compliant, to provide your assets a real-life value.

Nexinter guarantees the security of your assets and provides a full compliance with regulatory standards. We let you focus on growing your portfolio, while we take care of the rest.

Buy, sell, and manage your selected digital assets on a high liquidity platform.

Trade your digital assets with minimum slippage.

With processing power of more than 1.2 million trade request every second.

Aligned with the most demanding European security standards and backed by security experts.

* Learn more information at:  https://nexinter.com

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