DYNMT Voting Airdrop On Poloniex Exchange

DYNMT Voting Airdrop On Poloniex Exchange

Join The DYNMT Voting Airdrop On Poloniex Exchange To Get DYNMT Tokens Free

Dynamite (DYNMT) is starting a voting airdrop campaign. They will distribute 10,000 DYNMT to among participants after listing on Poloniex Exchange. Step by step to join voting and get Tokens free as below

DYNMT Voting Airdrop On Poloniex Exchange Tutorial

Complete The Tasks

Join their telegram: https://t.me/DYNMT

Follow on twitter: https://twitter.com/DDynmt

Write a positive comment under the tweets and add #DYNMT, #Dynamite, @DDYNMT in Your comment: https://twitter.com/Poloniex/status/1265221158099718144   &   https://twitter.com/justinsuntron/status/1265236452532609024

Like, retweet this tweet and tag 3 people: https://twitter.com/ddynmt/status/1265300210575704064

Fill The Form

After completed tasks, fill the form of Airdrop and submit: https://docs.google.com/forms

Enter Your Twitter comment links, Twitter username, Telegram username and ERC20 (ETH) wallet address

You will get DYNMT Tokens free after listing on Poloniex Exchange

Referral Rewards Of DYNMT Tokens Airdrop 

Share Your referral link to earn more DYNMT Tokens

About Dynamite (DYNMT)

Dynamite Token (DYNMT ) is a community-based experimental project, which was created as a deflationary currency and produced on the Ethereum network. Intention should be used as a central hedge against traditional inflationary instruments, not for daily transactions. Thanks to invariably intelligent contracts and continuous destruction system, the Dynamite is the world’s first self-destruct token.

Since DYNMT is a community project, the community will decide how the DYNMT token will develop. The information provided about the development of the project is published monthly by the DYNMT team / as and when required.

The main and unique function of DYNMT token is its deflationary (burn) nature. This means the total supply decreases with each transaction. The Dynamite token smart contract is designed to burn 2% per transfer.

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