CoinHe Exchange Airdrop Tutorial – Earn 50 CHT Free – Worth The $25

CoinHe Exchange Airdrop Tutorial - Earn 50 CHT Free - Worth The $25

CoinHe Exchange Airdrop Tutorial – Earn 50 CHT Free – Worth The $25

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CoinHe Exchange Airdrop Tutorial As Below

– Register CoinHe Exchange Account At:

+ Enter Your firts name, last name and email address

+ Create username and login password

+ Tick in box ‘I accept…’ and click ‘Create An Account’ button

+ Check Your email to verify registration

– Login to Your account on website:

+ Click on Icon at right corner: At section ‘My Account Detail’ click on ‘Verify Now’

+ Follow the instruction to complete KYC verification: Fill Your data and upload documents then click on ‘KYC Now’

– Download CoinHe App:

+ Download IOS App:

+ Download Android App:

– Login to Your Account by CoinHe App: Congratulation! You have been got 50 CHT ~ $25.

– Note: You can earn extra 50 CHT ~ $25 by way to deposit any coin successfully with total value at least 50$ and executing 01 trading transaction then confirm airdrop notification email

– Referral Rewards: After complete KYC verification, You can use Your referral link to earn extra 10 – 20 CHT per referral

– Join Telegram group and channel (Optional):      Telegram Channel    &    Telegram Chat

About CoinHe Exchange

CoinHe is committed to creating an autonomous, efficient and transparent digital assets trading platform that allows traders and investors to safely trade any size of digital assets without worrying about the impartiality and transparency of this platform, the reliability of data security and privacy protection, or the integrity and robustness of the order handling systems.

CHT (or CoinHe Token) is the ERC20-based token issued by Total number of the issued CHT is set constantly at 200,000,000 CHT. CHT priced $0.5 per unit on launching and will increase as the market demands. CHT will not be sold by Coinhe but freely distribute to the community by Airdrop and Bounty Campaign. CoinHe will automatically distribute its revenue to CHT holders periodically. CHT holders will earn certain rights toward any decision of the community.

* For more information, click at:

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