Coinexpress Exchange Airdrop Bitcoin – Invite People To Earn More Bitcoin (BTC)

Coinexpress Exchange Airdrop Bitcoin - Invite People To Earn More Bitcoin (BTC)

Coinexpress Exchange Airdrop Bitcoin – Invite People To Earn More Bitcoin (BTC)

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Coinexpress Exchange Airdrop Bitcoin – Tutorial As Below

Airdrop duration: January 15, 2020 00:00:00 – February 15, 2020 00:00:00 (GMT+8)

Step 1: Register Coinexpress Exchange Account

– Register Coinexpress Exchange account at:

– Enter Your email address, create login password

– Press on ‘Send’ then check Your email to get authentication code

– Enter code

– Tick in box ‘I have read…’ then press on ‘Sign Up’ button

Step 2: Complete KYC Verification On Coinexpress Exchange

– Login Your account: Press on ‘Account’ at right top of page then select ‘KYC’ or go to this page to complete KYC verification:

Step 3: Invite People To Earn More Bitcoin (BTC)

– Invite people to register Coinexpress Exchange account and completed KYC verification to earn more Bitcoin (BTC)

– Like Facebook page and share (Optional):

– Join Telegram group and channel (Optional):      Telegram Channel    &    Telegram Chat

– Follow KTSGroup (Vietnam Cryptocurrency Community) on Twitter and retweet the latest tweet (Optional):

Prize Of Coinexpress Exchange Airdrop 

First Prize1st0.5 BTC with 15-day transaction fee refund(All trading market)
Second Prize2nd5 ETH & 1,000 USDT
Third Prize3rd~10th1 ETH

About Coinexpress Exchange

CoinExpress exchange is a leading digital assets exchange that can provide crypto-enthusiasts with a simple, secure, and exciting digital assets trading experience founded by CE Global Foundation. Cooperating with global investors, consultants, teams and a wealth of market resources and experience, CoinExpress will be able to achieve its vision and goal of creating more exciting milestones in digital assets market for users.

CE Global strives to create and provide innovative financial services unique in order to close the distance between people and money.

Cryptocurrency exchange CoinExpress is launching as part of CE Global’s financial services business, providing services globally, major cryptocurrencies can be exchanged in CoinExpress, and it will support 4 languages including Japanese/Korean/Simplified Chinese/English, and will develop more as exchange services grow. And CoinExpress exchange will not only allow the exchange of cryptocurrencies but work on accepting exchange between fiat money and cryptocurrencies in the future as well.

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