Coinchase Is Opening Public Sale With 30% Bonus

Coinchase Is Opening Public Sale With 30% Bonus

Coinchase Is Opening Public Sale With 30% Bonus

Overview Coinchase

Coinchase is a community-focused Blockchain crowdfunding platform. It promotes community building, social interaction, and Public Sales between Blockchain projects and platform users, offering ‘participation rewards’ worldwide through its platform token, the CCH Token. An important key to inspiring participation in Coinchase is to incentivize both parties to reach consensus.

Coinchase is offering a brand-new way to make Public Sales safer for the users. It stands by its users’ side and asks project parties to participate in their 48 hours ‘Break and Return’ insurance, in order to protect participants (those who purchase tokens from Public Sales) in bear markets from losing money should the token price fall below Public Sale price during the first 48 hours of the first exchange listing. This is an unprecedented policy.

Coinchase will use CCH Token to reward members who actively participate and promote its platform development and growth.

Functions of Coinchase

Public Sale Provider: 

Coinchase Public Sale take place prior to the ICO, posterior to the seed round and private sale. It aims to provide projects with the opportunity to obtain interested parties at a very early stage and to reach consensus with users. Furthermore, Coinchase makes available its rich user base to project parties for ICO.

For the users, Coinchase presents all of project parties’ main data, including static information of project parties, as well as dynamic ones such as social media updates, community activity status, big data aggregation regarding the projects’ search volume etc.. Moreover, Coinchase provides in depth communication between its community and projects, hence users are able to gain a holistic understanding of all project in all dimensions. Meanwhile, users are able to participate in multiple projects’ Public Sales once they go through Know Your Customer (KYC), saving time and cost to project parties

Bounty Center:

Aiming to attract additional participants to join social media and other online communities, projects make available a number of their tokens to attract and reward participants. However, no-cost(airdrops) events attract many false parties and individuals, which is an ineffective methodology to attract meaningful participants.

Coinchase offers projects’ bounty activities to its platform users. Project parties acquire true supporters, while Coinchase users earn project parties’ tokens from their activities’ participation.


Coinchase shares its profits with early participants by Coinchase Token (CCH)

Coinchase Token (CCH)

Coinchase operates on the basis of inspiring its users to actively participate in its platform building and rewards for helping Coinchase growth. CCH is the token issued by Coinchase. The total supply of CCH tokens are 10 billion CCH Tokens

CCH Distribution: 

Coinchase Ratings

Public Sale Dates And Bonus

Coinchase Is Opening Public Sale With 30% Bonus

Round 1 : 2,000 ETH

Start Date: 26 November 2018, 14:00, Singapore Time

Minimum 0.2 ETH – Maximum 20 ETH

Join Public Sale At Here:      

+ Create username and enter Your email

+ Click ‘Nex’ button

+ Check email to copy code

+ Paste code to verify email

Login to Your account:

– Click the link to verify ID:

– After complete to verify ID, Click the ‘CCH Token’ tab at left top site

– Click ‘Join Public Sale’

+ Click ‘Deposit’ to send ETH from Your ETH wallet to Coinchase wallet address as require (Send minimum 0.1 ETH)

+ Check balance: about 3-5 minutes, ETH will was sent to Coinchase wallet

+ Then Back to ‘Public Sale Page’: Check in 04 box and click ‘Buy’

+ CCH Tokens will been send to Your account immediately

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