Chronicle Airdrop – Receive $45 Of CXL Tokens Free

Chronicle Airdrop - Receive $45 Of CXL Tokens Free

Join The Chronicle Airdrop Crypto Campaign And Complete Simple Social Tasks To Receive 1,500 CXL Tokens Free With An Estimate Value Of $45. 

Chronicle is an ERC-20 token from the ethereum network to serve the needy Chronicle a crypto currency charity project deployed on the ethereum blockchain to serves humanity and provide critical access to financial services to anyone in the world. Their vision for the project is to provide access to a wide range of digital currency projects and services as they help to open up new spaces and opportunities for humanity. This enables them to reach more people across the globe and increase their access to value through a variety of means.

Chronicle sees this as a way to offer financial services to anyone who is not yet able to afford them.

Chronicle Airdrop CXL Tokens Tutorial As Below

Chat With Crypto Airdrop Telegram Bot

Chat with Airdrop Bot:

Click on ‘Star’: pass Captcha and press on ‘Check’ button

Click on ‘Start Airdrop’: do tasks

Join Telegram group:

Join Telegram channels:   &

Follow on Twitter page and retweet the pinned tweet:

After completed tasks, click on ‘Submit Your Details’

Send Your Telegram username, Twitter username and ERC20 (ETH) wallet address to Bot

Click on ‘Balance’ to check Your CXL Token balance. You will receive 1,500 CXL Tokens free ~ $45 after Airdrop ends.

Referral Rewards Of CLX Airdrop

Click on ‘Referral’ to get Your referral link. Share Your link to invite people to the Airdrop campaign and earn extra 50 CXL Tokens ~ $1.5 for every referral.

Join More Crypto Airdrop Campaigns 

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Like our Facebook page and share (Optional)

Join our Telegram group and Telegram channel (Optional)

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