BTCX Trading Competition On Beldex – Win $16,000 Of Prizes Pool

BTCX Trading Competition On Beldex - Win $16,000 Of Prizes Pool

Beldex exchange and BTCX are together launching a Trading Competition to their users. Join the Trading Competition, You will have a chance to win $10,000 in BTCX Tokens.  

BTCX Trading Competition On Beldex

Competition Period: 00:00 hrs, 6 July 2020, and 23:59 hrs, 10 July 2020.

Register Beldex Exchange Account

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Competition Rules

Participants must trade the BTCX/BTC market pair on Beldex. Only the trade volume of the participant for the BTCX/BTC pair during competition period will be considered.

Trades must be genuine. The authenticity of each trade will be verified before the trade is considered for the competition.

Competition Prizes

Top 3 traders will win from a prize pool of $16,000.

  • Prize for the 1st place (trader with the highest trade volume for the BTCX/BTC pair) is $10,000.
  • Prize for the 2nd place (trader with second-highest trade volume for the BTCX/BTC pair) is $5,000.
  • Prize for the 3rd place (trader with third-highest trade volume for the BTCX/BTC pair) is $1,000.

The rewards will be reimbursed in BTCX tokens. The results of the trading competition will be announced on the 13th of July, 2020.

About Beldex

Beldex exchange envisions to create a free world where individual privacy is respected. Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges nowadays act no different from banks. While at the same time, there are several difficulties in using a decentralized exchange. To overcome these constraints, Beldex exchange is coming up with a hybrid exchange.

The Beldex coin, a fork of Monero was created to protect transaction privacy. It is the ecosystem coin of the Beldex exchange. Beldex serves a global audience and strives to be inclusive in its services. Beldex is also the first Sharia’h compliant exchange catering to Islamic traders and crypto-enthusiasts all over the world.

About BTCX

BTCX is a novel coin that supports a decentralized crowdfunding platform using smart contracts.

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